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 Clint, known on YouTube as Newfirebangaa is a Canadian Let's Player on YouTube who has been making Let's Plays since September 4, 2008. After seeing some Let's Plays himself he started making them too. If you like mature/adult humor, then he's the Let's Player for you, although most of the time he keeps it PG-13. Newfiebangaa's first Official Let's Play was Megaman. He uploads three videos a day, but only two on weekends.

Externail Links

  • Newfiebangaa's YouTube Page - [1]
  • Newfiebangaa's Formspring Page - [2]
  • Newfiebangaa's Gameanyone Page - [3]
  • Newfiebangaa's Weebly - [4]
  • And He Streams Sometime on Twitch - [5]


Let's Play Super Mario Bros

Let's Play Super Mario Bros. X - The Invasion 2 1 - Plumbers in Arms-0