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Nickelodeonisawesome or Nickelodeon is a channel on YouTube created on February 5, 2012. The channels main purpose is to show viewers promos/bumpers from Nickelodeon along with Intro/outro's of shows and full episodes of shows from the network Nickelodeon. Few videos uploaded by Nickelodeonisawesome say in the discription box that most content of the videos are from Nickelodeon Canada.


The first video uploaded on Nickelodeonisawesome's channel was a video showing the outro (ending credits) of the popular Nick show "Fairy OddParents" on April 8, 2012. Once the first video was uploaded the channel went on Hiatus. The Hiatus la

sted a little more then one year then ended on April 11, 2013, a video called "Nickelodeon HD Idents 2012" was uploaded to the channel. Since April 11, 2013 videos have been uploaded regularly. The most veiwed on Nickelodeonisawesome's channel is a lyric video of the theme song from the hit Nick show "Sam & Cat" (40,000 veiws as of July 23, 2013; 02:01AM) .


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Channel logo as of June 2013

There is no schedule for the uploading of videos on this channel. This channel shows that videos are uploaded in "clumps" meaning many videos on this channel are posted all at the same time (thoughout the day).

Where they are now

Nickelodeonisawesome's channel has began uploading and taking their channel seriously only this past April. Since then 61 videos have been uploaded gaining 5,900 subscribers, and 111,395 video views as of July 23, 2013.