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Fire Man, you are so hot.

―Nico Thulin

Nico Thulin, is a Finnish Perfect Runner, Retro Video Game Reviewer and Let's Player on YouTube. He is most notable from his The Retro Job series which consist of multiple shows. Nico became more popular from his show, Case: Mega Man in which he completes each Mega Man game on the Nintendo Entertainment System without taking damage, missing a shot and using Mega Buster only.

Nico's most notable achievement was taking down Quick Man on Case: Mega Man. The Megas provided a music track for the special episode. Quoting Nico, "Ring Man's stage is probably harder than Quick Man was."

RoahmMythril was the originator of a similar challenge, just without the "No Miss" -rule.

When Nico realized that other Youtubers started doing the same Mega Man challenge, he invited them together and created a community called The Snupsters consist of four people, Nico Thulin, AltimaMantoid , Shikaroxen and Fellon250 . They have become a friendly family on Youtube, sharing their Mega Man enthusiasm with everyone. The most notable video series from are the Mega Man Races which follows all four of them racing the same Mega Man title simultaneously.


  • Nico was born in 1988.
  • Nico's first Mega Man game was Mega Man 4.
  • Nico got his NES when he was only four years old. He still has the same NES on weekly use.

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