Nightcat (born May 24, 1976 [age 40]) is a gaming YouTuber with more than 2,000 subscribers. She has also made FNAF plushie videos with her


While mostly making silly plushie videos that resembles she is a kid at heart, however, she likes them a lot. Besides that, she also plays lot of FNAF games and any other random games.

Her first video was uploaded 10 years ago, and it has over 680,000 views

The (almost) end of her channel

On January 1, 2017. She was about to close her channel because she was getting low views and she felt that no one liked her since only 5 or 6 people were actively commenting on her videos, despite having over 2,000 subscribers. However, the 5-6 people didn't want her to leave, and she stayed

On January 25th, 2017. She was about to close her channel again for the same reasons, however some old subscribers became haters because they were begging her not to leave, that same day, she opened another channel which contains pagan content.

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