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NikoPunkSUPEERMARIO, is an Unknown YouTuber who makes gaming videos. He never showed his face or his name.


Back in early 2006, when console wars was all over YouTube. Niko simply joined the war by making troll accounts where he dissed Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. He used those accounts to make trolling videos about how much PS3/360/Wii sucks. His accounts got suspended by YouTube later on. When the war almost ended, he made another account, for real deal this time. He made the account "SupeerMaario" where he showed his true interests. The first videos he uploaded on that account was Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda NES hacks he made, one of them being "Mario VS The Internet" and "Mario as Link". Since those were his first try at game hacking, he did not get so good feedback by the community. So he had to impress them somehow, he realized NES and SNES hacking was a bit confusing at that time. But then he found a great gift: Toad's Tool 64, a Super Mario 64 ROM editor. So this is when he moved on to Super Mario 64 hacking. This is also when he first discovered Kaillera, a Online Netplay client for the Project 64 emulator. On there, he has made great friends with people such as WarriorBroly, MasterHand/CrazyHand and NintendoGladiator. He became more interested in Kaillera, so he started a entire series on YouTube with him recording online matches in Super Smash Bros with users against him. He started to gain many subscribers and friends because of this, he got pretty lucky and got in contact with MALRWiiStation360 and villanjo. So he felt like he had to make a new account with a better username if he was going to gain popularity. This is how his NikoPunkSUPEERMAARIO account was created. And this is when his adventure on popularity began.


NikoPunkSUPEERMAARIO is one of the most known Luigi fans on YouTube. He is most known for his N64 hacks, like his most current famous video "Luigi vs 3 Bowsers!" which has over 600,000 views, 800 ratings and 1,000 comments. He used to have a video uploaded with even more views and ratings named "Hyrule Castle (Gmod)" wich was a Garry's Mod video with Luigi going rampage on everyone on Hyrule Castle, but he later removed it because he got tired of getting his Inbox spammed by haters who found the video offensive, and a lot of other people ended up stealing it by uploading it to their accounts. He has made other famous hack videos like "Play as Mr. L in Super Smash Bros! (TEXTURE HACK)", "New Super Smash Bros Texture hack: Ganondorf and Wario", "Super Mario 64 Hacks: Ice Castle", "Super Luigi Galaxy 64!" and "Super Mario 64 Hack: Castle Town". He was inspired by Yeeksta and other N64 game hackers to start N64 hacking. This was something he was very good at, his hacks impressed a lot of people and he got feedback by users like Yeeksta, MATTHEWGU4 and villanjo. Yeeksta thought his hacking skill was good enough to help him make the Super Luigi Galaxy 64 Mod, but nothing of that happened because Yeeksta later cancelled his project. Yeeksta also thought Niko's Ice Castle hack was perfect for his Christmas Bloopers. Niko got in contact with quite a lot of good Mario 64 machinimators because of his great hacking skills for the game, even though he despises Mario 64 machinima. Niko disappeared for a while and his hacks was left unfinished. When he came back, he decided to cancel his projects like Luigi and The Castle and his Castle texture series because he lost interest in it, which is why he no longer works on any N64 hacking, simply because it started to get old and he didn't like doing it anymore. He now works on Brawl hacking, and he's hoping that will be his new generation of a game hacking genius.

On late night September 18, 2010, his account got suspended due to copyrights from Viacom. But, somehow, he got his account back up along with all of his videos

His Creations

  • Super Mario 64 Hack Mod: Luigi And The Cursed Castle, a hack of Super Mario 64 he worked on back then. Videos that shows footage of this hack are "Luigi VS 3 Bowsers!", the sequel video "Super Mario 64 Hack Mod: Luigi And The Cursed Castle" and "Super Mario 64 Hack Mod: Giant Goomba Boss Room". This hack got lots of great feedback by the community and the majority of Niko's subscribers were looking forward to it. However, things started to dry off a while later. No new updates or information about the hack was given from Niko ever since the Giant Goomba Boss Room video. Niko simply gave up on it later on and moved on to something else.
  • All the N64-related Texture Hacks, this is probably what Niko is most known for. His Mario 64 Hacks are the most popular ones definitely, then comes his SSB64 hacks. Even though Niko never made any Ocarina of Time or Majoras Mask hacks, he was experienced with it's debug/beta ROM and such.
  • His Garry's Mod video (Hyrule Castle (Gmod)) which reached about over 500,000 views before he deleted it, has been stolen from a few other YouTubers. It
    Luigi VS 3 Bowsers Screenshot

    Earliest footage of his hack when it was still in development.

    Nikos Mr L texture

    His first step into SSB64 hacking, he makes a texture that resembles Mr. L


is unknown if Niko is ever going to reupload it himself.

  • He was also the creator of the "Insert This Luigi In Your Channel Description If You Like Luigi" fad. Example:

-____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ L ▓████



Luigi Cursed Castle Hack

As a sequel to his "Luigi vs 3 Bowsers" video, he makes a update video showing more footage of the hack.

Luigi Ice Castle Hack

Niko's attempt at making a Ice Castle.

Luigi Galaxy

His "Super Luigi Galaxy 64" hack, a castle that's supposed to resemble space.

Luigi Boss Room

Third footage from his long-awaited hack, the room strongly resembles the Beta Stalfos Room in the Ocarina of Time Beta. This is the last we see of his hack in 2 years.


  • He is a Luigi fan, but ironicly he has "MAARIO" in his username instead.
  • In his early years, he spoke with low grammar. Since middle 2008 till today, he has spoken with strong grammar.
  • A spanish user on YouTube named "nikopunk" joined 2 months before NikoPunkSUPEERMAARIO did.
  • He did not meet most of his close friends on YouTube, he first met them on Kaillera. A netplay client for the N64 Emulator.
  • He thinks 2007-08-Early 09 were the best times on YouTube, and thinks it sucks now.
  • He has the power of 76, according to Zappy.
  • Famous machinimators like LuigiBroBrawl, MALRWiiStation360, villanjo, and more, used to be good friends with him back in 2007 or 2008.
  • A lot of videos that included him has been removed because YouTube hates him. :(
  • People think he is American, when he is actually from Norway.
  • He used to be a MASTERLINKX fanboy.
  • He used to be a Shippiddge fanboy.
  • He used to hate Fred, and still does.
  • He hates DuncanEpic.

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