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Anime BritishIcon MaleIcon YouTuber

Ninouh, also known as JimiJJ, or just Jimi, is a British-Nigerian YouTuber, who makes videos on anime. The most well known series on his channel is called Anime Editorial, in which he discusses any topic about anime and manga that crosses his mind; it could be about a particular series, particular studios, particular individuals that work in anime, voice actors, or any other subjects that revolves around anime or manga.

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  1. Anime Editorial
  2. Ninouh's Funtime Extravaganza (now deleted)
  3. Ninouh's Nonsense
  4. Anime Rants
  5. Anime Discussions
  6. How to Make a Shounen Battle Manga

People that hate him

SICnanigans (Sooin)

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