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Ninouh, also known as JimiJJ, or just Jimi, is a British-Nigerian YouTuber, who makes videos on anime. The most well known series on his channel is called Anime Editorial, in which he discusses any topic about anime and manga that crosses his mind; it could be about a particular series, particular studios, particular individuals that work in anime, voice actors, or any other subjects that revolves around anime or manga.

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. Maelstrom (Julian)
  2. HoldenReviews (Holden)
  3. Gigguk (Garnt)
  4. Digibro (Conrad)
  5. Subsonic Sparkle (Kamara)
  6. Pause and Select (Joe)
  7. LouTalksAnime (Lou)
  8. DouchebagChocolat (Demo)
  9. Mother's Basement (Geoff)
  10. The Pedantic Romantic (Lachlan)
  11. My Japanese Animes (Endless Jess)


Anime Editorial

  1. Anime Editorial:  Defining Anime
  2. Anime Editorial:  Ninouh's Thoughts on Kill la Kill
  3. Anime Editorial:  Are Anime Reviewers Necessary
  4. Anime Editorial:  More Fanservice Please
  5. Anime Editorial:  Anime Community State of the Union 2015
  6. Anime Editorial:  Legendary Animation Techniques
  7. Anime Editorial:  Anime Was a Mistake
  8. Anime Editorial:  What Makes a Fight Scene?  
  9. Anime Editorial:  The History of Otaku

Sub Series'

Editorial Mini
  1. Editorial Mini:  Dynamic Zoom Effects in Kill la Kill
One Take Editorial
  1. One Take Editorial:  Random Opinions About Opinions
  2. One Take Editorial:  The Filter
  3. One Take Editorial:  YouTube Nonsense
  4. One Take Editorial:  Why PodTaku Died (APRIL FOOLS)

Anime Studio Spotlight

  1. Anime Studio Spotlight:  Studio Shaft

Other Anime Videos

  1. Importance of Animation
  2. Manga:  Where did the colour go?  
  3. Every Anime is Someone's First
  4. How to Make a Shounen Battle Series
  5. Anime Shouldn't Be Mainstream

Other Videos

  1. Ninouh's Nonsense
  2. Opinionated Voice Messages from a Friend
  3. Anime Rap Challenge:  Ninouh

People that hate him

  1. SICnanigans (Sooin)


The Weekly Weebcast


  1. Weebing Out Over Summer 2015 Anime w/Digi & Ninouh
  2. Just Talking with Anime YouTubers about Digibro's Drama for like Four Hours Oh God What Have We Done

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