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Niomi Smart (born May 26, 1992) is a British vlogger, blogger and internet personality. Although making her channel on October 11, 2011 she only posted her first video on March 16, 2014. She often posts lifestyle and beauty based video, however she frequently posts daily vlogs and has appeared on Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman and Alfie Deyes channels.

Early life

Niomi was born on May 26, 1992 to her mum, Verity. She met Niomi's step-father, Paul, when Niomi was 11 years' old. She attended the same school as Marcus Butler, her former boyfriend, from the age of 10 up until she was 16. For her 'A levels' she studied English Language, Law, Psychology, Textiles (AS Levels) and Critical Thinking (also AS Level) in Brighton at BHASVIC. After graduating college she then attended the University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol) where she took her law degree and graduated in 2013 where she gained a 2:1. All in all after completing 5 years of law studies (2 in school, 3 in university) she thought that something was missing from her life, and so the blog "LadySmart" was born.

Personal life

For the past 5 1/2 years after meeting in Year 6 (Grade 5) at school and being best friends for about 2 years, her and Marcus Butler became a couple. After Niomi finished university they lived at her house for around a year then moved into their first apartment, in Brighton. After living there for just less than a year they moved to London. Their YouTube ship name was"Narcus".


Niomi officially started her blog, formerly "LadySmart and currently "NiomiSmart", on August 31, 2013 after returning from a trip to America. Her first blog post was called "Bonjour Hola Ciao and Hello" and was just a short post introducing herself to the blogging community. Currently she posts once every 1 to 2 weeks varying the style, from lifestyle to beauty to fashion. At last count she has 139 blog posts.


Although Niomi created her YouTube account on October 31, 2011 it wasn't until March 16, 2014 that she posted her first video, a spring lookbook. The video has since racked up 759,038 views however is not one of her most viewed video. Her most viewed video is her morning routine which has over 2 million views. Although she normally posts every Sunday she frequently posts during the week. Niomi's videos normally circle around lifestyle, fashion , travel and beauty, just like her blog.