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Nitro LukeDX is a Minecraft YouTuber that does daily minecraft videos. He does Minecraft on the Xbox 360. He does series like Survival Madness Adventures, Five Nights at Freddy's Minecraft, Servers (in the beginning) and more.


  • Minecraft OverWorld
  • Survival Madness Adventures (Finished on April 9th 2016)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's minigames (Minecraft)
  • Hide and Seeks
  • Roleplays

Characters (players that join him in videos)

  • SidekickDm/Scappy/Splishy
  • LegoVinny
  • GeorgeLousie
  • Omaloo Orca
  • ChunkyChunko
  • ProfessorFrogs
  • NinjaLukee
  • Blue Beast Gaming
  • 100PercentOzzy
  • AppearToFear
  • Toxic Jolt (RIP)
  • Queen Camelot X
  • Ceminto123


  • "Torch Man!
  • "Like no tomorrow"
  • "Smash that Like button"
  • "(something) lads"
  • "What's Up Guys"