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Pozdrav YouTuberi

―Nixa Zizu

Nikola Jovanovic (known as Nixa Zizu on YouTube) was a Serbian YouTuber from a place called Jagodina.


Nixa joined YouTube in 2008, his first video was 'NIXA PROFESTOR MATEMATIKE'. Nixa records sport videos training videos to help people. Nixa Zizu is the first Serbian youtuber who has a Playbutton.

Problem with YouTubers

BobiFromTheHood & Gasttozz

Nixas first fight started in 2009 or 2010. He first had a fight with BobiFromTheHood. Because he attacked Bobi, Another popular Serbian YouTuber named: Gasttozz said on his Livestream:

"Nixa, F*ck Nixa and everyone who watches Nixa. I think that guy isn't normal, to do somthing on Youtube. That's what he said about Bobi, that he didn't have money to eat bread, and I c*m on your crappy muscles, F*ck your muscles, I c*m on your muscles degenerate, when you bring a girl like Maria, And that your fat like me, And that your girlfriend is beautiful like her, And to record a video with her that will have 1 Million views, And then ill lisen to you, Till then you just can suck my d*ck, I wont tell you anything about this, If you didn't say Bobiu that he never ate bread, Suck my d*ck Nixa, Suck it..."

Then Nixa made a video called: YouTube Retardi (Translated To: YouTube Retards) where he talked about YouTubers witch he thinks that are retarded. On the list was Gasttozz. At the end, Nixa removed the video, And the fight just stopped.

Tomislav Zvonko

In March 4, 2015, A Croatian bodybuilded YouTuber called: Tomislav Zvonko made a video, where he said that Nixa reported his video, Just because Zvonko made a video where he said what he thinks about Nixas video, Where he said that other bodybuilders are using steroides.

Shut Down

In 2016, Nikola said on his facebook page that he is quiting YouTube and that YouTube is not anymore for him.


  • He is Bald.
  • He has a Brother.
  • His a Bodybuilder.
  • He lives in Jagodina (Place in Serbia).
  • He dont lisen to music.
  • He cheers for Juventus.
  • His best friend is from Bosna.
  • He makes gaming,bodybuilding etc videos....
  • He says that his the best balkan YouTuber.