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Norman "Norm" Peterson (born in 1978) known on YouTube as NormsBarStool. He joined YouTube in May 2009 and left in May 2010, just over a year after joining. He then made a brief return in October 2010 to tell everyone about his departure. In December 2011, he announced that he would be returning in the new year.

Biography and Personality

Norm is a fat 33-year-old man with a foul mouth. He has an unseen wife named Vera Peterson (in one video, Norm said that people would finally be able to see Vera; unfortunately, they never did). His first appearance was on May 6, 2009.

He made several videos and he gained many haters, as well as supporters. He was often trolled because of his weight. On August 4, 2009, he made a video shouting and ranting about the amount of trolling that he was getting. Later on, Ray William Johnson included it on Equals Three. As of February 2012, the video has over 1.5 million views.

Other videos that Norm made included: A role play of him getting abducted by aliens and several rants and videos about his life.

In May 2010, Norm left YouTube without telling anybody. In this time, he became a hippie. Because of his unannounced absence, people started to believe that he was dead (quite similar to CopperCab). This rumor was laid to rest in October 2010 when Norm announced that he became a hippie, that he'd left YouTube, and that he's not dead.

In December 2011, he posted a bulletin saying that he's "getting the itch to make videos again" and he continued to say that he'll probably post a new video in December or January.

On January 21, 2012, Norm uploaded a new video saying that he's lost 125lbs and he'll continue to make videos. Since then, he's began to make videos on a regular basis.


  • In one episode, it was revealed that he weighs 400 pounds.
  • Norm is sometimes similar to Peter Griffin, and he was once referred to as a Peter Griffin "impersonator".
  • In his most popular video about YouTube haters, Norm started getting a heart attack when he yelled and cursed too much, due to his fatness, and called Vera to get him some aspirin. He then finished the video with obsenities. In another video, Norm gets his aspirin.
  • In another video, Norm got kicked out of the house by Vera for cussing when he was doing YouTube rants, not knowing that he was doing a video (even talking about Ray William Johnson). Norm then decided to go for a drive, and then come back and see if Vera will let him get back in.
  • Norm often talks about him being fat and all.
  • In most episodes, Norm has grown a mustache and/or a beard, but in the next episode(s), he sometimes shaves it off again.