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"Stupid, stupid damage."
— Northernlion, multiple times during his The Binding of Isaac Let's Play
Northernlion 3
Northernlion in Only in Korea - Alice's Letter.
Profile: Northernlion
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Style: Let's Players
Date Joined: 30 May 2006
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 230,000+*
Videos: 2,120
Schedule: Daily
Status: Active

Ryan Letourneau,[1] better known by his username Northernlion, is a Canadian with a love for independent video games. Rising to prominence through his Let's Plays, his videos generally consist of gameplay while providing amusing live commentary. A "Machinima Director and Let's Player Extraordinaire",[2] Northernlion is a highly charismatic individual best known for his distinctive voice and sharp wit, as well as his usage of a variety of puns, idioms, and vague references to pop culture.

Aside from his Let's Plays, Northernlion has also made various video series, consisting of "Let's Look At", "Let's Hate", "Don't Play This", "Only in Korea", "Indie Game of the Week", "Poison Mushroom" series on Machinima, "Check Your Privileges" and "#NLSS".

Personal life

NorthernLion is from Kingston, Ontario.

For about a year, Northernlion worked in Daegu in South Korea[3] as an English teacher for children.[4] He returned home to Canada on 1 December 2011.[5]

He was unemployed after returning home,[6] but now makes money through YouTube, which he calls "a dream job", and he once jokingly described himself as "funemployed".[7]

In October 2012, he moved across the country to live with his girlfriend Kate Kim, and cat Ryuka, in Vancouver.[8][9]

Northernlion Live Super Show

See also:
Northernlion JSmithOTI RockLeeSmile PAX East 2013
From left to right, foreground: Current Northernlion Live Super Show hosts Northernlion, JSmithOTI, and RockLeeSmile at PAX East 2013.[10]

Northernlion hosts a triweekly livestream event on YouTube called the Northernlion Live Super Show. Each show is three hours long, from 3pm PST to 6pm PST, and is scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Northernlion usually spends the first hour and a half playing Dark Souls, focusing on invading other players, and the latter half of the stream playing another game. RockLeeSmile and JSmithOTI converse with Northernlion through Skype for the majority of each livestream, and other YouTubers such as michaelalfox, Ohmwrecker and Alpacapatrol have also joined. The shows also feature a "Trivia Time" round, where participants can answer trivia questions for a chance to win free games via Twitter, and an "Ask Me Anything" segment, where Northernlion ends each show answering quick-fire questions.

Each show is uploaded to Northernlion's YouTube account the following day as a VOD.

Because each show is hosted on YouTube, rather than TwitchTV (a website dedicated to livestreaming video games), the Northernlion Live Super Show has suffered from a few technical difficulties, such as screen flickering and slowdown. However, the show recently started to be streamed onto TwitchTV as well fixing these issues into 2013. Furthermore, because YouTube's comment system has not been adapted well for livestreaming, viewers cannot converse with each other or with Northernlion effectively; Northernlion asks viewers to instead contact him by tweeting him "@NorthernlionLP". While TwitchTV chat is much better and is now available to Northernlion audience members, Ryan still uses Twitter as his favored communication method.

Northernlion has stated that he wants to host a 24-hour-long livestream in late April/early May 2013, and hopes to become proficient at livestreaming within a year.


  • Northernlion once started a Let's Play of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, but had to abandon it after a few episodes due to legal issues. The Let's Play was notable in that it wasn't an indie game.
  • Northernlion is a YouTube Partner through his partnership with the Machinima Channel (where his "Poison Mushroom" series is posted).
  • His cat is named Lexington.[11]
  • First mentioned in an episode of his Let's Play of Cave Story,[12] he is afraid of deep-sea creatures, specifically tentacled creatures such as jellyfish.
  • Had a pet hedgehog named Allegro (it may have also belonged partially to his girlfriend), which as of 2013 has been sold.[citation needed]
  • As of May 2013, owns a white kitten named Ryuka.[13]
  • Northernlion's birthday is on 28 November, 1988.[14][15][16]
  • Northernlion is 5'10" tall.[17]
  • Northernlion has very smelly poops, which has caused him anxiety in both the past and present. [18]


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