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Not Literally is a group of two people (Dana and Erik) who love creating fandom and parody nerdy music videos. They're always branching out into fandoms, and they love creating new videos for everyone to enjoy it. They also use to post exclusive behind-the-scenes features.


Not Literally is a parody music and comedy production group founded by Ginny DiGuiseppi, Dana Ritterbusch, and Erik Tande in 2011. Our parodies center around fandom and nerd culture, featuring characters from science-fiction and fantasy movies, television shows, and books. Our goal is to take our passion for fandom and use that to create something all fandom-lovers can bond over.

Having started out focused in the world of Harry Potter, Not Literally has since branched out to include such popular fandoms as Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, and Doctor Who, with plans for much more! Since beginning in 2011, our reach and our variety has only grown making it easier and easier to connect with other fandom nerds and share the passion for media!



Dana, known in YouTube comments as “the blonde one,” is 26 and is in social media. She’s trained in opera singing and her life goal is to become a living embodiment of Pinterest. She’s a soprano, a Lannister, and a Slytherin. She’d probably be an airbender, but really likes earthbenders’ style. Her favorite video is Movies of the Night. Dana stars and sings in Not Literally videos and helps conceptualize projects.


Erik is 31, from North Dakota, a Hufflepuff, a Stark, and works as a motion graphics artist. He loves running, the goddamn Batman, and being so focused on filming that he doesn’t laugh at Dana’s jokes. Which are hilarious. Erik can’t choose his favorite video. You can visit his websiteshere and here. Erik does all the videography, cinematography, editing, and visual effects.

Past members


Ginny was a founding member of Not Literally in 2011, andresigned in early 2014 to pursue other interests. While she was with Not Literally, she wrote content, starred and sang in music videos, managed website and social media, and even did some video editing!

You can find her on plenty of websites if you’re interested in following her exploits post-Not Literally. (She promises to keep doing interesting things.)


Nicole joined in 2013 as the production coordinator, where she organized video production, managed finances, and ensured that everything got done efficiently and completely. She resigned in early 2014 to pursue other interests.

If you want to follow what Nicole does after working with Not Literally, make sure to check her out elsewhere online: