NutellaBoy is Croatian YouTuber mostly known for his bad minecraft videos.

Also he is mostly known for his terrible grammar.


NutellaBoy first joined 22.11.2013, but didn't upload his first video until 6 of September 2014. His first video is "Herobrine sighting in minecraft 1.8 NEW UPDATE Added Herobrine?". His channel got extremely hated because of his bad grammar and bad herobrine sightings.


NutellaBoy does not upload videos anymore, his last one was "Geometry Dash 2.0 - Geometrical Dominator Secret Way??", it currently has 16,000+ views. Tho his not uploading anymore he is still active on his channel by answering to his comments (Usually only supporting comments).


First Herobrine Sighting03:42

First Herobrine Sighting.8 NEW UPDATE Added Herobrine?

NutellaBoy's first video is about Herobrine (Fictional Minecraft character). We can obviously see that he has very bad computer because his game is lagging a lot. First text says "Welcome to my first Herobrine sighting ENJOY, i hope you no gonna scary." which is grammatically incorrect. In videos there's NutellaBoy's most famous phrase, which says "So i got idea to lost brave", a lot of people think that he thought breath, not brave. This sighting was exposed by TheMuteTroll.

Second Herobrine sighting04:26

Second Herobrine sighting.1 STILL HEROBRINE?

NutellaBoy's second video was Herobrine sighting again, but this time with another skin, another game recorder software (We know that because his screen is full now and it's not lagging) and of course another grammar mistakes. This time he talks about Herobrine being in his world again. He also has famous phrase in this video, which says "Is this trap? YES!!" after that text appearing he jumps in trap on purpose. This sighting was also exposed by TheMuteTroll.

Speed Art02:12

Speed Art

After TheMuteTroll exposed him he made him a banner. A lot of people don't know why he did it. In video he is making an banner for TheMuteTroll in photo editing software PhotoShop. TheMuteTroll post a comment in which he praises him because of his PhotoShop skills. Video is hated as well, it has 25 likes and 25 dislikes. Tho TheMuteTroll likes the banner, he does not use it.

Geometry Dash 2.0 - Geometrical Dominator Secret Way?? Geometry Dash 202:22

Geometry Dash 2.0 - Geometrical Dominator Secret Way?? Geometry Dash 2.0 added Secret Way?

NutellaBoy's last video was Geometry Dash video. In video he is playing level "Geometrical Dominator" at the middle of the video, he made a pause and switch to the custom level where he edited, I mean added secret way. Video is extremely hated with only 100 likes and 400+ dislikes. This was NutellaBoy's last video.

After those videos he uploaded few more videos but he soon deleted them for unknown reason. Also before he posted Geometry Dash video he post a video named "It's Over" he was wanted to close his channel and even renamed his channel "Channel Closed" but TheMuteTroll gave him support, he uploaded Geometry Dash video a week after "It's over" and renamed his channel to NutellaBoy again.

On 10 of May he renamed his channel "IUsedToCallMyselfNutellaBoy".

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