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OMFG, also known as Alex Savage and Loell Bergen, is a Canadian YouTube musician who makes Electronic, or EDM, music. He currently has over 700,000 subscribers, and is most known for his first song, Hello, gaining almost 160 Million views.

OMFG currently has 12 tracks.

OMFG used to be thought of as a female since Alex used pictures of an amateur model, Kylee Boettcher, because he thought there weren't enough women on the internet, but some believe it was to hide his identity. Kylee was then fired after she denied Alex's offer of a selfie a day for social media after she graduated from high school. After that, Alex revealed himself on an Twitch stream announcement video (which has since then been deleted) on his channel).

In more recent times, people have been trying to expose Alex's real name, Loell Bergen, for unknown reasons.

OMFG now has a new soundcloud for unfinished projects, OMFG Trash.


A picture of Loell Bergen (OMFG).


OMFG's first track, released in November 2014 on Soundcloud, named "Hello", almost immediately sparked interests from the EDM community because of how much it stood out compared to other songs. Then two months later in December, OMFG pitched the track to the channel MrSuicideSheep, starting a relationship which ended with OMFG pulling multiple tracks from the channel (including Hello) for alleged copyright. The situation they are now in apparently could've been avoided, as MrSuicideSheep mentioned in a Facebook post. However, MrSuicideSheep has nothing against OMFG. This made many people begin to start conspiracy theories because of the full story and many people think that OMFG is being ghost-produced by someone else.


OMFG currently has two channels: OMFG and OMFG 2.  His second channel is a confirmed backup channel with it's about page stating "backup²" and nothing else.  OMFG 2 has 4 songs and uploads randomly.

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