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Alexander Gross (Octopimp) is a YouTuber who does voice acting and plays video games. The most popular series of videos on his channel is called 50% Off, which is an abridged series that he created about the anime series Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. On occasion he has appeared on HappiLeeErin's series MangaPodBookClub, during the times when they read the manga series Berserk. His channel currently has 400,000 subscribers as of June, 2018.


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Octopimp has also made many videos on Homestuck, an online webcomic, including shorts voiced by real people, and songs, like "You Can't Fight the Homestuck."



Octopimp has also appeared on the manga discussion podcast Mangapod, specifically in all of their Berserk-related episodes, and has done so, consistantly, ever since they started talking about it on the show.  


  1. Mangapod Book Club Episode 28:  Berserk (Volumes 1-4 and Chapters 1-14) ft. Octopimp
  2. Mangapod Book Club Episode 33:  Berserk (Volumes 5-7 and Chlapters 15-36) ft. Octopimp
  3. Mangapod Book Club Episode 50:  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Volumes 1-5 and Chapters 1-44) ft. Octopimp
  4. Mangapod Book Club Episode 46:  Berserk (Volumes 9-11 and Chapters 37-69)
  5. Mangapod Book Club Episode 69:  Berserk (Volumes 12-14 and Chapters 70-104)
  6. Mangapod Book Club Episode 133:  Berserk (Volumes 15-18 and Chapters 105-140)
  7. MangaPod Book Club Episode 163: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Volumes 5-8 and Chapters 45-80) ft. Octopimp!
  8. MangaPod Book Club Episode 167: Ludwig Kakumei (Volumes 1-4 and Chapters 1-16) ft. Octopimp!


  • He plays Tiffany in Something Witty Entertainmet's Sword Art Online Abridged.
  • He also played Toru Iwashimizu in the English dub of Free!