OddityArchive is a YouTube channel created by Benjamin Minnotte, a former musician and current host of the Oddity Archive. He lives in Aurora, Colorado.


Early life

Ben Minnotte was born in 1986, to a middle class family. He once owned a Kid Pics video tape featuring "Michael the Happy Hamster", which was ultimately sold in a garage sale. In 1996, most of his classmates owned digital pets, except him, because he was "too cool" for it. When he was fifteen, he and a friend started a music duo; it was ended because his friend said he was taking too much attention from him. He left to start his musicM career.

MUSIC career

After a series of false starts in the early 2000’s, Minnotte quietly made his debut in May of 2004 with the homemade, analog-recorded EP West of Elderbush Gulch. A six-track affair, West…, anchored by a trio of folk-minded instrumentals, established Ben as a distinctive (if idiosyncratic) songwriter and instrumentalist. The EP also featured the (as described by Ben) “on-the-road hotel room saga” known as “Lightning Never Strikes Twice”.

West… was followed in the summer of 2006 with the more straightforward singer/songwriter effort, Greetings from Elderbush Gulch. Greetings from Elderbush Gulch was mostly recorded in a furious one-day session in the basement of a (now defunct) art gallery in Longmont, Colorado. While the album was met with little response, it has nonetheless spawned a minor cult-classic in “The Horror Movie Song”.

During the recording of Greetings from Elderbush Gulch, Ben walked away from live performance to focus on being more of a studio-based artist. However, little was heard from him afterwards, a satirical four-track EP surfaced in September of 2007 (released under the pseudonym James H. Tartan), but quickly came and went from availability and a pair of home demos posted on his MySpace page followed a year later.

In the summer of 2009, Ben resurfaced publicly for the first time in over three years to open a four-day Denver music showcase/festival, he then followed it up with a couple more local gigs only to spend the remainder of 2009 in the studio cutting a new album. That album, entitled Minn-Knot was released in June of 2010. Minn-Knot is currently available at CD Baby.

Most recently, Ben has remixed and remastered his 2006 Greetings from Elderbush Gulch LP. The album was released in an exclusive digital-only set, available at Bandcamp in August 2011.

He also did a polka remix of Nine Inch Nails' "Survivalism".

Oddity Archive

Ben originally wanted to post a blog, but realizing his jokes didn't make sense written, he when to v-logging, and finally, he decided to just post videos. The show premiered on July 5, 2012 on YouTube, with "The Max Headroom Incident" as the first episode.