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Odinspack33 is a YouTube Let's Player who has been around since 2008, when Let's Play was still in its infancy. He's good friends with fellow let's players durden77, darkmindedsith, digitalinsanity111, and griffinlobster.


  1. Let's Play Final Fight w/griffinlobster
  2. Let's Play Kirby Super Star w/griffinlobster
  3. Let's Play Faxanadu
  4. Let's Play Mega Man X3
  5. Let's Play Rad Gravity
  6. Let's Play Super Punch Out
  7. Let's Play Kirby 64:  The Crystal Shards
  8. Let's Play StarTropics
  9. Let's Play Mega Man X5
  10. Let's Play Super Mario Brothers 2
  11. Let's Play Nightamre in Dream Land
  12. Let's Play The Legend of Zelda:  A Link to the Past
  13. Let's Play Donkey Kong Country Returns
  14. Let's Play Resident Evil:  Revelations
  15. Let's Play Kirby Super Star
  16. Let's Play Kirby 'Tit n Tumble
  17. Let's Play Metroid Fusion
  18. Let's Play Pokémon Trading Card Game
  19. Let's Play Diablo 5 Player Co-Op
  20. Let's Play The Legend of Zelda:  Minish Cap
  21. Let's Play The Legend of Zelda:  Oracle of Ages
  22. Let's Play The Legend of Zelda:  Oracle of Seasons
  23. Let's Play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES
  24. Let's Play Super Mario Brother
  25. Let's Play New Super Mari Brothers Wii Blind
  26. Video Game Reviews
  27. Let's Play Kirby's Return to Dream Land
  28. Let's Play Tales of the Abyss
  29. Let's Play Mario Golf
  30. Collections/Unboxing Videos

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