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10,000 Subscriber "Special"

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Offhand Disneyland's current intro

Offhand Disneyland (real name Dallin Smith) is a vlog/commentary-like channel who posts videos about facts, secrets, and history of the Disney parks. He talks to the viewer about various topics including (but not limited to) scrapped Disney ideas, current events, and interesting facts about the attractions and park itself.

Occasionally on some videos, he has a stick figure persona with brown, curly hair. 

Offhand posts once or twice a week and occasionally streams on his Twitch channel when "he feels like it." 

Personal Life

OffhandDisneyland was born in 1998 (18-19 y/o). He has stated that he is currently in college getting a degree in History. It is believed he lives somewhere in Central U.S, as he uses this time to announce his streams, and how he explained that it is a 17 hour drive to get to Disneyland. However, he does visit often. 

The first time he attended a Disney park was in the year 2000 at Walt Disney World. In 3rd grade, he did a report on Walt Disney, which helped inspire his love for everything Disney related. The first time he attended Disneyland was his sophomore year in High School and loved it. At one point, he applied to be a lifeguard at Disney World, but ended up not showing up for the interview.

As a Senior final project, Offhand Disneyland had recited the whole 'Ghost Host' and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror monologues.

He has stated that his great grandfather was a Nazi.

Offhand's first visit to Disneyland since the upload of his channel was during August, where he raised enough money to take his gifrlfriend to the parks. He uploaded multiple videos while on-site as well as attraction POVs. This included livestreams via twitter as well.  

He will be taking his family in October to Walt Disney World, however there is no confirmation if there are going to be videos during his trip, but it's assumed that there will be.


Offhand's Face Reveal

Disney Favorites

According to his 10,000K subscriber special video , Offhand's favorite things at the Disney Parks are as followed:

Disneyland & California Adventure:

  • Haunted Mansion (New Orleans Square)
  • Soarin' Over the World (California Adventure)
  • Live Tangled Show (Fantasy Fair)
  • Monte Cristo Sandwiches (Cafe Orleans)
  • Churros

Haunted Mansion was a favorite because Offhand used to listen to creepy pastas a lot. This helped him fall in love with the creepy yet fun attraction. For California Adventure, Soarin' Over the World would take his eye (and scent).  The way the ride mechanics worked and the variety of scents during the experience helped his enjoyment of the ride.  

However, his least favorite ride would be Star Tours, considering how it's a simulation. He likes the ride, but doesn't enjoy it as much as others.

He stated on Stream and mentions the name of it in his second installment of Disneyland Vs. Disneyworld video that he loves the Monte Cristo Sandwiches at Cafe Orleans.

Disney World:

  • Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
  • Spaceship Earth (Epcot)
  • Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios)
  • Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom)
  • The Great Moments of History performed by the Muppets (Liberty Square)
  • Churros

In Disneyworld, his favorite ride (other than Haunted Mansion) would be Splash Mountain due to the atmosphere and love as a child. Spaceship earth would be his favorite in Epcot since they are such classic rides. In Hollywood Studios, his favorite attraction is the Tower of Terror since California's Adventure was replaced by Mission Breakout. Lastly, his favorite ride at Animal Kingdom would be Expedition Everest due to the impressive queue line.


An ongoing gag on the channel involves a French pirate named Jean Lafitte.  In his video, "How the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean ARE CONNECTED ," Jean Lafitte is mentioned multiple times and how he ties in with everything. It didn't take long for him to become the channel's new gag.  Many people have corrected Offhand on the name, since he had been saying "Gene" instead of the French pronunciation of Jean.  However, he still says "Gene" despite this to follow along with the original joke.

Offhand states on his Patreon that when he goes to Disneyland (which was confirmed to be in August), he would produce "4 on-site videos and vlogs" to be uploaded onto the channel.


"If you guessed Jean Lafitte, come on down! You're our lucky winner!" (From his Pirates/Haunted Mansion Connection video)

"When you look up at the Moon-liner at Disneyland, remember... That's a Nazi rocket." (From his 5 Disneyland Secrets video)

"Pet Eagle." (A Twitch stream gag)

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