OfficialDuckStudios is a comedy channel on YouTube that mostly revolves around parody, parodying other YouTube channels, and YouTube trends. The founder of the channel, Reice, makes live-action videos with his friends/housemates, Joey and Tyler. The channel uses clickbait titles and thumbnails, such as "YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT WE FOUND IN A SECRET ROOM IN OUR HOUSE", "WE MIGHT ACTUALLY DIE", and "Exploring an abandoned Sears Grand (POWER STILL ON)" - People click on the video expecting it to be some bad trend video, but are usually suprised to find that it's a comedic parody. One video titled "Does the refrigerator light actually turn off?" has Reice sitting in a refrigeratore doing mostly nothing for nearly 10 minutes.

The owners of the channel also have some pets. Randal, their first cat, used to be a focus in a lot of their vidoes. They even often joked about using her for views. They eventually got a white dog named Moose who had appeared for a few videos, before mysteriously vanishing from the channel. Moose, the dog, was eventually replaced with a white cat named Moose.

Self deprication is a strong theme with the channel, with Reice and his friends often talking about how bad their videos and channel are.

Reice and his friends play characters throughout his videos. The characters' personalities often change, but here are descriptions of some of their current personalities:

Reice - The neighborhood idiot. He's constantly doing stupid things, such as burning Xboxs and buying motor carts; he'll also often abuse his friends. Occasionally, he will play the role of the Amazon Prime guy and is joked about being hot.

Joey - The racist redneck. Joey oftentimes just goes with the flow, either on Reice's side or Tyler's side. He's usually the camerman, has a thick redneck accent, and often makes racist jokes.

Tyler - Tyler is the level-headed member of the group. He often tries to stop Reice from doing stupid stuff, but usually fails miserably. He's the one most abused by Reice. Tyler is Mexican, meaning that he often has deportation and taco jokes made about him.

Randall - Randall is a white and brown cat owned by Reice. Who is often joked to be the main source of views for the channel. In a joke, Reice states that he got Randall for pleasuring a man at an airport

Moose - God #2

In real life, as revealed by a subscriber who met Reice once in real life, Reice works at a School in the studio's local area and that is how they are able to afford various props such as giant sex toys and massive cardboard boxes. On September 2nd 2017 their pet fish past away and a video was made about burying his remains.

In mid 2017 the 'ODS Squad' moved into a new house. This house is considerably better, bigger, and is more a YouTube house.