Om Nom & Cut the Rope Official is the official ZeptoLab person who made the Cut the Rope games. The most popular video on the channel is the episode 00 of Om Nom stories with 38,000,000+ views

Om Nom Stories

Om Nom & Cut the Rope Official/ZeptoLab have made Om Nom episodes which are stories. Here is a list of stories of all seasons.

Season 1

  1. Strange Delivery
  2. Bath Time
  3. Favourite Food
  4. Candy Prescription
  5. Halloween Special
  6. Magic Tricks
  7. Arts and Crafts
  8. Candy Can
  9. Christmas Special
  10. Robo Friend

Season 2: Time Travel

  1. Time Travel
  2. The Middle Ages
  3. The Renaissance
  4. Pirate Ship
  5. Ancient Egypt
  6. Ancient Greece
  7. The Stone Age
  8. Disco Era
  9. Wild West
  10. Home Sweet Home

Season 3: Unexpected Adventure

  1. Unexpected Adventure
  2. Forest
  3. Sandy Dam
  4. Junkyard
  5. City Park
  6. Underground
  7. Fruit Market
  8. Bakery

Season 4: Magic

  1. Mysterious House
  2. Mad Tea Party
  3. The Magic Lamp
  4. A Tangled Story
  5. Ice Cave
  6. Puppeteer
  7. The Chest
  8. The Beanstalk
  9. Little Red Hungry Hood

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