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Oni Reviews is a YouTube male anime reviewer vlogger.  He does weekly episode reviews of select anime series as they are airing.  He prefers Seinen anime over any other, and thus his reviews revolve around them.  


  1. Space Dandy Anime Episode Reviews
  2. Black Bullet Anime Episode Reviews
  3. Attack on Plagarism
  4. Comic Book Movie Reviews
  5. Vagabond Manga Reviews
  6. Editing Tutorials
  7. Inu Yashiki Manga Reviews
  8. Prison School Manga Reviews
  9. Parasyte Manga Reivews
  10. Sword Art Online Episode Anime Reviews
  11. Zankyou no Terror  Episode Anime Reviews
  12. Akame ga Kill Anime Episode Reviews
  13. Tokyo Ghoul Anime  Episode Reviews
  14. Kill la Kill Anime Episode Reviews
  15. Terra Formars Manga Reviews
  16. Manga Reccomendations
  17. Nanatsu no Taizai Anime Episode Reivews
  18. Psycho Pass Anime Episode Reviews
  19. Anime Unboxings
  20. Terra Formars Anime Episode Reviews
  21. Tokyo Ghoul Root A Anime Episode Reviews
  22. Anime First Impressions
  23. Manga Unboxings
  24. Anime Skits
  25. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure:  Stardust Crusaders Anime Episode Reviews
  26. Gangsta. Anime Episode Reviews
  27. Prison School Anime Episode Reviews
  28. Mushishi Anime Episode Reviews

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