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OnlineWinner is a YouTuber that plays mainly Minecraft. He records both "Hunger Games" and "Showcases" - - what he showcases can truly vary, he could upload a few mod showcases along with some texture pack showcases. Currently, OnlineWinner has 8500+ subscribers and is growing quite rapidly, gaining 1500+ subscribers a month is quite an increase for a channel his size.

Changes OnlineWinner Made

There has been quite a few changes OnlineWinner has made in his days, he has deleted over forty videos varying from his original Halo: Combat Evolved videos too his flopped Survival Series and Faction's Series. He swears he will try and keep stuff consistent and not too variable like starting up another new series on top of his current two series. (Showcases & Hunger Games)

Future Channel Plans

Since he recently hit 10K subscribers, he did a revamp which he bought some arts from Zytex. He wants to focus on more Minecraft Commentaries and talk about events that he has encountered before.