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Profile: OnlineWinner
Twitter: @FaceTeabagger
Facebook: N/A
Other Media: Instagram


Style: Gaming
Date Joined: May 7, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 8500+*
Videos: 40+
Schedule: Unknown
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
"STAMPY'S LOVE GARDEN" Minecraft MCSG 1610:11


Most Viewed Video
Highly Efficient Mob Spawner Trap Tower Tutorial 109:47

Highly Efficient Mob Spawner Trap Tower Tutorial 1.8+ - Skyblock & Survival

OnlineWinner is a YouTuber that plays mainly Minecraft. He records both "Hunger Games" and "Showcases" - - what he showcases can truly vary, he could upload a few mod showcases along with some texture pack showcases. Currently, OnlineWinner has 8500+ subscribers and is growing quite rapidly, gaining 1500+ subscribers a month is quite an increase for a channel his size.

Changes OnlineWinner Made Edit

There has been quite a few changes OnlineWinner has made in his days, he has deleted over forty videos varying from his original Halo: Combat Evolved videos too his flopped Survival Series and Faction's Series. He swears he will try and keep stuff consistent and not too variable like starting up another new series on top of his current two series. (Showcases & Hunger Games)

Future Channel Plans? Edit

OnlineWinner has planned to set up a server upon hitting 10,000 subscribers, whether or not he will go through with it, remains a mystery, however he has asked for staff applications, which may show us he will go ahead with it!

OnlineWinner doesn't plan on uploading other games besides Minecraft for a while because he believes his community is still too small to risk sending something new out that may affect his currently active community.

OnlineWinner doesn't exactly have a plan set out for his channel, but he is steadily uploading his videos every third day at 18:30 0:00 GMT+ and is quite happy with what he does and doesn't plan on trying to rapidly grow his channel anytime soon because YouTube is just a simple hobby for him and all!

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