John Phillip Tulloch (born October 15, 1990) is a Canadian YouTuber who is notorious for his rants about the Miiverse, commonly exploding with anger over bans, even going as far as threatening to kill people over it. He is a notorious "sperg" channel.


John Tulloch's electronics were seized and searched on April 12, 2016, the day after his final upload was made. During the search, 12,957 images and 250 videos of child pornography were found, 10,000 images and 244 videos being graphic and 2,000 images and 6 videos being less graphic. 75% of the collection was babies.

John pleaded guity to possession and distribution of child pornography on March 29, 2017 and will be sentenced in October of 2017. Arguments occurred on the original date, August 15, 2017 which revealed John Tulloch's identity to indeed be OriginalBloodAce. A 1 year prison sentence, 3 year probation, and 20 years as a registered sex offender was suggested. During probation, he would not be allowed to use the internet or go to parks, schools, or swimming pools.