Oscillot is a male YouTuber known for making analytic content about anime.  He used to just do standard reviews, but eventually started doing two new series:  The Appeal of Anime, which is the most popular series on his channel, and Talking About Anime.  He's good friends with fellow anime analytics MrAJCosplay.  

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. MrAJCosplay


Old Reviews

  1. Free! Eternal Summer
  2. Ping Pong!  The Animation

The Appeal of Anime

  1. The Appeal of His and Her Circumstances
  2. The Appeal of Haruhi Suzumiya

Talking About Anime

  1. Talking About Anime Tie-in Films?  
  2. Talking About Music in Anime?  


  1. The Best of BakaShift Anime Reviews
  2. Analysis d'anime:  Luckly Star, Evangelion, et la Morte de l'Auteur
  3. ErlCnanigans - A Postmodern Arthouse Short
  4. Komm Susser Food
  5. Toonami Promos Audio Bloopers (Link to Full Video in the Description + Channel Update)

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