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Russell (born October 16) is a YouTube prank caller who usually calls places of Business including restaurants with poor ratings on Yelp, tow truck companies and fans who want someone they know by request. He also uploads songified remixes of his prank calls, animated versions of his prank calls & Omegle conversations where he is dressed up as one of the characters from the channel

Face Review

He keeps his identity a secret. As far as we know, nobody (with exception of his family or friends in real life) knows for sure what he looks like or his real name. In a video that he uploaded on his Vlog channel (called OwnageHimself) in 2011, he said he didn't want to show his face because it would "ruin the mystery". People have different ideas of what he looks like so its probably fun for him to look at what descriptions viewers imagine for him. It did seem like he was considering showing his face in a future Vlog, but he has yet to do that. In some calls where he uses his normal voice, he calls himself "Russell Johnson" but I don't think thats actually his real name. Another reason could be that he might get in trouble or something if his real name was posted online. There's been times where people he pranks get really angry and I wouldn't be surprised if they called the cops afterwards. Anyways, we still think that he's hilarious, no matter what he looks like.

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