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PCAXE is a Serbian YouTube group owned by: Dusan & Slobodan. They mostly make reviews, They are not only members of PCAXE, They have more members called: Atila and Dejan, They mostly make reviews.


At the start of their YouTube account, They weren't a lot popular, But when Dusan good on a Serbian YouTube meeting, He asked other big Serbian YouTubers to promote them, He showed them his profile and they liked it. So they became really popular. After the meeting, Dusan & Slobodan made a video with a known Serbian YouTuber called Mudja. They played PES 2 vs. 2, (Dusan and Sloba) vs. (Mudja and his dad). in 3.April.2015, They made a fake Playbutton, But a custom one witch they made, Some popular YouTubers thought it was real: Nixa Zizu,Srpski Tutorijali... .

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