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PRLostGalaxy2014 (aka. the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film Series channel) is a [small] YouTube channel made by Power Rangers fan Anthony Marsh, Jr. The channel's purpose was for Marsh to make a series of Fan-Films based on his favorite season of the Power Rangers franchise, that being Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (1999). His first attempt of a fan film reboot was released in 2014 but was met with sheer negative responses. A sequel however is set for a 2019 release.

Since late 2013, outside of content relating to the fan films, Marsh began doing content relating of Power Rangers seasons other than Lost Galaxy (like RPM, Dino Charge, Megaforce, Zeo, Lightspeed Rescue, and even the original Mighty Morphin) through Podcasts, VLOGs, Reviews (Toys and other merch and Episodes from the show's past and present). The channel is currently known for its Terra Venture Podcasts (2015-ongoing) but was previously known as PRLostGalaxy2014's Video Commentaries (2013-2014) and PRLostGalaxy2014's Video Podcasts (2014). He currently also does VLOGs (whetever it's on himself or out in the world when not having PR or Super Sentai on mind) and every now and then Toy Reviews. Soon to the channel will come Video game playthroughs. Start date has not specified.

As of 2016, the channel has now gained 700+ subscribers.


Anthony Marsh Jr

Anthony Marsh, Jr (born September 5, 1992 , ages 23-24, as of 2016) in the very isolated Gaithersburg, Maryland, is a filmmaker, artist, and music composer. He has always had a passion for acting and voice acting when it came to his desire to make movies and YouTube videos. Other than Power Rangers/Super Sentai, his other favorite franchises are Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, WWE,  and Digimon and video game franchises like Sly Cooper, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, and Saints Row. He would make videos of those on occasion but mostly through references when he rants about Power Rangers and Super Sentai.

Channel History

Pre-PRLostGalaxy2014 (2011-2012)

5 years ago in 2011, Marsh once had his first YouTube channel, that being "anthonymarsh1". The channel lasted from March 2011 to October 2012. The fate of that channel ended when Marsh was severely hit with a copyright strike from Cartoon Network/Adult Swim without of reason when he uploaded a clip from an episode of the Black Dynamite animated series (back when it was in it's first season). This was the first copyright strike he received outside of the multiple and minor copyright claims he did get from uploading videos with existing copyrighted content (like licensed music and movies) in his videos even with or without considered fair use. 

anthonymarsh1 was the origin channel basis for PRLostGalaxy2014. On it, contained once content for a Power Rangers fan film project - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena - he had worked on since his last remaining months of his Senior year in High School (but by June 3, 2011, graduation allumed so therefore that project was later canceled). When 2012 came, Marsh had made less videos on there. The remaining videos he posted in 2012 were clips from one of his other favorite TV shows - classic ones like Everybody Loves Raymond, and current talk shows like The Steve Wilkos Show. Not one time he has uploaded a full movie or clip of a movie (like The Matrix, Star Wars, or Transformers for examples) because it's against each movie studio's copyright policies on YouTube. 

By the summer of 2012, when the derecho storm hit his home state and town of Maryland, his prior desktop computer (that being a Compaq Windows Vista) lost all its power and hereby damaged the electricity from the system causing all of his earlier video work to remain as of current lost forever and his Vista desktop to die. When his prior Power Rangers fan film attempt was going nowhere, as of July 20, 2012 (the same day Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises premiered in theatres), Marsh decided to "reboot" Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy and his fan series into a new film and made a YouTube channel devoted to that and thus PRLostGalaxy2014 was born.

PRLostGalaxy2014: Enter His Lost Galaxy (2012-2013)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 2014 fanfilm reboot news, Rise of Trakeena- CANCELED

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 2014 fanfilm reboot news, Rise of Trakeena- CANCELED

Marsh's first video of the channel, addressing to PR fans of his fan film reboot.

Marsh's first video for the channel was his announcement on a Fan Film reboot to Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, which was set for a release on YouTube in 2014. Since then, he has made videos relating to what he planned to have on the film and what characters but some to most of it didn't make it into the final film when filming on it ended in April 2014. His earlier fan film-related content included a series of videos called Morphin Grid Case Study Archives, which were actually and basically him showcasing character puppet models made of mountboard and electronically printed imagery. When his first attempt at Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena didn't work out, he had plans on putting the said Ranger villain in the first film, but many videos later in January 2013, it was later announced that Trakeena was not going to be in the film. It was due to the fact, considering his film(s) compraise of paper puppets for characters and not live actors, that the person he once had for the part in the past later rejected him and the film because she felt that it wasn't her thing and didn't want no further involvements with him thus that would later result to a restraining order Marsh recieved in September 2015 (which was 2-3 days too soon after his father, Anthony Marsh Sr, died from a heart attack/long battle with alcoholism on September 9) because she felt being "stalked" by him.

More pre-production content for the film ensued before filming on the fan film was to start on September 20, 2013: Such as an update on the script, a brief teaser trailer, a few featurettes like on how did the voice of the film's villain Lord Metarex. 

By March 22, 2013, YouTube had established new channel layouts in which channels like PRLostGalaxy2014 then soon followed .

His encounter with an unlikely of sources: A Sailor Moon Fan (2013-2014)

Back in a time before the Terra Venture Podcast video series other such was created, Marsh was still creating/uploading pre-production videos for his first Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan film.......  until a certain and somewhat underwelcoming likely of source aroused. Compared with his fair share of haters/fans, this was one of PRLostGalaxy2014's most egregous encounters with a YouTuber yet. Enter Mary Jane Worrell (ahem.... MARRY JANE ROYAL as pronounced), a YouTuber that somehow sought to seem to be admired by PRLostGalaxy2014's work on YouTube. This user would send him 3 to 5 YouTube video responses through e-mail (back when the YouTube Inbox feature was a thing until Google+). This so  called Mary Jane would "somewhat" defend PRLostGalaxy2014 from the haters and support him against anti-PRLostGalaxy2014 supporters like AgentSP and Power Rangers villain Trakeena with her fictional YouTube account (InsectQueenTrakeena).

As time when on, came until August 2013, when Mary Jane Worrell's account was terminated afterwards, Marsh did some research on who the mystery person was behind the latter channel posting response videos to him and of that was the very infamous Sailor Moon fan Duane McAllen (formerly sailormoonred1, currently sailormoontube11 and was various Sailor Moon themed accounts). McAllen himself is a Power Rangers fan, but Marsh finds him the "Worst kind of fan". How Marsh got his attention on him, he saw this video on YouTube where Duane is featured at #3 on YouTube's Worst YouTubers of 2011 video (which was released less than a year before Marsh came along with his channel).
Anthony Marsh, Jr - SLAMMING Duane Skip Mcallen (SAILORMOONRED1234, POWERANGERSRED, etc

Anthony Marsh, Jr - SLAMMING Duane Skip Mcallen (SAILORMOONRED1234, POWERANGERSRED, etc.)

The video that began the PRLostGalaxy2014 - Sailormoontube rivalry

On August 9, 2013, Marsh had posted a video response (in face) to Duane, where in which bashes him for his known reputation of infamy on YouTube. Weeks by later, Duane began posting a series of hate rant videos toward PRLostGalaxy2014. Instead those "Rant" videos took place on Dailymotion than on YouTube, considering that YouTube takes action toward any videos that contain hate speech seriously. Those videos were taken down soonafter Marsh did his rant responses back to Duane on Dailymotion after many anonymous users contacted Dailymotion to delete the Hate Speech videos pertaining to Marsh's channel. This is where PRLostGalaxy2014 developing a series of videos (like those back in the glory days of commenters on YouTube until 2011) on his channel: PRLostGalaxy2014's Video Commentaries, with the response videos to Sailormoontube11 become the first to be in a upbringing. Marsh posted his first Commentary on August 29, 2013 to Sailormoontube11, where he would respond to some of the mundane things Duane said to him that was defamatory and out of concise. Marsh's first commentary video was a 2 parter.
PRLostGalaxy2014 Video Commentary - Sailormoontube11's Rant on Dailymotion Part 1

PRLostGalaxy2014 Video Commentary - Sailormoontube11's Rant on Dailymotion Part 1

2 days later after the first commentary video was released. Duane created a second Hate rant toward Marsh on Dailymotion. The confrontation was giving a Marsh major heat. When he did his commentary video, he was baffled by more things this creep was saying about him and putting words in his mouth that are not confirmed to be actual. Statements like: "He continue to make these STUPID commentary videos" and calling him out an "Idiot" (that shows much to Duane's own idiocy). Throughout Duane's Dailymotion videos, he would use different Sailor Moon dolls per response video about PRLostGalaxy2014 as he would continue outcrying him as a "loser", "idiot", "moron", etc. and making up phrases Marsh would never say but making others believe he "actually" said when beknowning Duane was the one who said those things himself by constantly continuing putting words in Marsh's mouth video after video. In two of Duane's rant videos to PRLostGalaxy2014, in spite the fact that Marsh is a Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan, Duane would call out his favorite villain a "Bitch" as Marsh - then enraged - tells Duane that (like in his first response video above this portion of article) that Trakeena isn't real. She is a fictional character in Power Rangers (only the character's original actress in real life, Amy Rolle, exists. Not Trakeena the character). Marsh's second response rant to Sailormoontube11 last 40 minutes.

What really broke the barrier between the two was in Duane's third and last rant when he stated, perhaps the most imfamous insult among many:

"If you can come on YouTube and do your little, pathetic Power Rangers Lost Galaxy s***, then I can come on and do the Sailor Moon stuff."

This last rant video really drove Marsh's final nerve with Duane. The 3-part commentary video entitled "PRLostGalaxy2014 Rises" was released. After the rant, Marsh later had a breakdown after confronting the latter for 5 part string of response videos.

A year later, 2014, Marsh confirmed to his audience that Duane (Sailormoontube11) was his stalker on YouTube.


Other than content for his Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Fan Films, most of the majority of content (since 2014) compraise of Podcasts where he express his passion for Power Rangers/Super Sentai and sometimes in some Podcasts would bring up stories from his personal life per podcast episode title,  VLOGs, and Reviews on movies released on DVD/Blu-Ray and Power Rangers merchandise like Toys of the show.

PRLostGalaxy2014's Toy Reviews (2013-present)

Most of his Toy Reviews compraise of products from the following: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers LEGACY, Power Rangers: Megaforce, Power Rangers: Super Megaforce, Power Rangers: Dino Charge and Power Rangers: Dino Supercharge.

Sometime in 2016, he confirmed that he will soon review toys based on Lionsgate's Power Rangers (2017) movie once they are soon to be released.

Anthony Marsh, Jr VLOGs (2013-present)

When not doing any kind of Power Rangers/Super Sentai-themed VLOG, he would most often talk about his personal life but also sometimes talk social issues and his perspectives on life.

Terra Venture Podcasts

Formerly PRLostGalaxy2014's VIdeo Commentaries and PRLostGalaxy2014's Video Podcasts. The Terra Venture Podcasts are perhaps the strength of PRLostGalaxy2014, considering that Terra Venture is the name of the fictional space colony in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, a colony in which the Rangers and its colonal inhabitants spent 45 episodes of its entire season finding a new world (which later turned out to be the Yellow Ranger's home world of Mirinoi). On occasion, depending on discussion length, there have been many Podcasts where Marsh could talk for more than under 1 hour, but most to some of his podcasts are 1 hour and various amount of minutes (say 20 or 30 minutes).

PRLostGalaxy2014's Movie Rants (2014-present)

PRLostGalaxy2014 would, every now and then, do rant videos on movies both past and present. He would most often talk about movies in the Superhero/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, like the Spider-Man movies (both Sam Raimi and Marc Webb series), the original Batman movies (1989-1997) and Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012), the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and many others to mention. He has done rants on a few animated films like The Incredibles, Kung Fu Panda, and The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water.

PRLostGalaxy2014's Movie Reviews (2013-2014)

These movie-centric videos were a precursor to his ongoing Movie Rant video series. His last in face movie review was on American Psycho (2000), which starred Christain Bale (pre-Batman at the time). His proposed Movie Review afterwards was going to be on G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009), but his work on the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan film and other events in his personal life caused it and other planned in face movie reviews to be canceled.


Marsh had never collaborated with other YouTubers, but from where he's from there is no one in his area that has YouTube to do collaboration videos with. However, he did state that one day (when it was not on video as stated) that he would like to be featured in crossove with other YouTube channels big or small.


When the channel was conceived, some users who spur out of the moment to barely watch the content put out on the channel felt that when it came to his Power Rangers Lost Galaxy fan films, that they expected the film(s) to feature live action actors (like most fan films do) rather than puppets - with likenesses of TV/film actors to be the characters - made of what they say "cardboard" when really it's mountboard. Users like theagentSP and Justin Guerrette have dismissed his film(s) as something that should be "destined to fail" while second user mentioned that Marsh should (according to the original comment he posted in his "I Like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" Podcast video) "Stick to you day job. Stop playing with puppets. Grow the f*** up. F**king f*****" until the comment was deleted (Guerrette said that when he perfered the Power Rangers fan films Zordon of Eltar, First Wave, Teenagers With Attitude, and MMPR over Marsh's Lost Galaxy film). Marsh had made a video response to the user soonafter.

There was some more criticism toward PRLostGalaxy2014. Another user named Poketto (assuming he's a Pokémon fan) mocked a user who is akin to PRLostGalaxy2014 in the comments section of the latter'sResponse video to Linkara's History of Power Rangers: RPM video (whose video you can find actually on Atop The Fourth Wall's website), stating "what's with autism and Lost Galaxy? Serious question. Why do autists gravitate to that season?" He later replied to the same anonymous user, " Hahaha, of course, I offended someone who's also obsessed with Lost Galaxy. That's adorable. You ignore my point. My point is, Lost Galaxy is the Sonic Heroes of Power Rangers. It's the one that those on the spectrum gravitate towards." Like the Justin Guerrette response video, Poketto was next in line to get a response video from PRLostGalaxy2014 but he never responded back.

Throughout the years, there have been many users who would either unsubscribe or leave negative comments or comments of explainations relating to the content. Some users felt uncomfortable when Marsh in some to almost all of his videos - when discussing content relating to Power Rangers - would use eccessive profanity when coming across some to most of his points on a subject. And whenever there is content for his fan-film(s), users would leave dislikes considering that they continue to expect his films to have live actors (that being living people who want to get into video making/acting) to be in it like in, again, most fan films based on existing franchises but find the paper puppets as characters idea "offputting". Some users have criticized him for sometimes in some videos where he would get some facts of people, movies, etc. wrong. In the user's Celebrity Rant on the late Christopher Lee (known for being Count Dooku in the 2 of the 3 Star Wars prequels and Sarumon in the Lord of the Rings), one user called PRLostGalaxy2014 out as a "weeaboo" because every fact he did in the video was wrong and that he did not do "further research" before even doing a video rant on the actor. Lee died in 2015 recently.

Marsh is recently being hated on by certain Power Rangers YouTubers when it comes to newer videos - relating to Mighty Morphin - of him bashing the original series for having too much of a fanbase and over fondage of nostalgia in a way where he feels that the original Power Rangers team/series get more love from fans than for seasons (like Lost Galaxy) that came afterwards. Why can't he admit that he's a nostalgiatard himself for liking those Charlie Brown-suited losers of so called Power Rangers whose season featured that bug chick who tends to be the Paris Hilton of PR villains then?


  • Most of the content featured on PRLostGalaxy2014 do not contain any further licensed content that may be subject to copyright, with the notable exception of any Sentai footage from Toei's long running Super Sentai series in case Marsh would like to do fan-dubs of Power Rangers in his videos, which inherits footage from Super Sentai already through many Power Rangers seasons.
  • His channel is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, making it and him one of the very harder to find YouTubers and channels.

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