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Panchitomatrix is a Mexican animator. He joined on YouTube back in 2006. Panchitomatrix has never revealed his face but his name in his earlier years of YouTube, and possibly won't. He still is an unknown user on YouTube. Some people say that he is someone with a mental problem making animated videos, but those are just rumors.


Panchitomatrix's videos mostly include blood, swearing and killing. His first ever YouTube video was upload back in 2006. The video is called: Sponge Bob Revenge. The video is about the character SpongeBob wanting to kill his best friend Patrick, but Patrick ended up killing SpongeBob, But at the end of the video, an unknown designed bird by Panchitomatrix kills Patrick. Disturbingly the video has over 3 Million views. Then his next video is Sponge Bob VS Patrick. This video is about Spongebob and Patrick are arm wrestling, Patrick won the first round, then the unknown animated bird arm wrestled with Patrick and won.


Sponge bob revenge01:09

Sponge bob revenge

Sponge bob VS patrick01:41

Sponge bob VS patrick

Panchitomatrix also made a video which was called sponge bob robbing bank. That video is in many versions of another channels.


His next videos are about some guys, RED, YELLOW and GREEN and they are about funny stuff then old man in the asylum, where the old man asks the nurse about the age, she didn't guess after that she asks an old lady and she somehow guesses his age.

Spongebob finaally gets back,but this time this is patrick revenge,Patrick asks Spongebob about jellyfishing but Spongebob refuse and ends the conversation.Patrick than was searching for weapons then he found his shotgun.After this he knocked and asked Squidward to help him,Squidwad agreed with pleasure.

When they got at Spongebob Patrick knocked the door and shot Spongebob machine for the electric guitar then he wanted to shot,but Squidward wanted to kill Spongebob then Patrick and Squidward were slapping when Patrick shot him in the head.He planned to shoot Spongebob,but Spongebob quickly shot Patrick then the designed bird appears again and tells Spongebob ''GOOD JOB''!.This video has about 21 million views

----1. robbing a bank


----2. and funny stuff 1 and funny stuff 2



----3. man in the asilum


Panchitomatrix also showed a skateboard lesson that was called HEELFLIP


Then Panchitomatrix made a video about Spongebob gears of war,at first Spongebob mission is to kill any locust,first he saw one(Patrick) and the locust shot,but didn't kill Spongebob then Spongebob kills him , after that he found another locust and tried to kill him with an active reload, but the part that was keeping the bullets fell and locust(Patrick) stabbed Spongebob. Spongebob respawned and was killing the locust,he killed 2 then a locust killed him again with bazooka. Spongebob respawned again and wanted to kill the locust and he found the locust who killed him with a bazooka that was eating donuts,Spongebob tried to kill him quietly, but he was choking of the sting of the locust and the locust spotted him and wanted to hit spongebob,but Spongebob had like mini chainsaw and he used as a defense and killed the locust,suddenly the locust that Spongebob fshot at it first killed him





Panchitomatrix improved and fixed the way he animated,he animates with a better drawed pictures,better movies and more sound.

Next videos of Panchitomatrix were the paranormal activity videos and they are the most loved videos.


First Patrick and Spongebob wanted to catch the monster on camera,at the first night the door opened itself and closed itself.The next morning Spongebob and Patrick noticed the door and Patrick was so scared.

Next night Spongebob was making krabby paties and french fries,but soon Patrick ate all of the food.

Next morning he wanted to show Spongebob appreciation, in the night he dressed in clothes and had whip. And finally they passed the night an next morning Spongebob realised that they were dealing with demon. Spongebob ordered Patrick to buy fluorescent lamp. NIGHT 5 Patrick had an idea to pour flour so the monster can leave steps.They heard steps and quickly followed and found the monster lair and Patrik climbed with ladder and found fluorescent bulb.

NIGHT 6.Spongebob installed the bulb and waited for the monster,but somewhera around 3:35 am Patrick was dragged by something that a crazy sound can be heard.

THE NEXT DAY Patrick was rapped all night and talked with Spongebob.

NIGHT 7 Spongebob and Patrick were ready for the monster and Spongebob activated the fluorescent lamp and they saw the monster,but the video ends here with a headline ''CENOSORED!!!''

this video has 7 million views for now

-the video -



They both unleashed some pokemons and fought together then the video ends by Patrick rapped by his Pokémon MACHAMP that he unleashed to Spongebob


His next video became trailer SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK DRUNK.

That was basically about a meme where this man is drunk, talking to another and making him cry, basically meaning the signifigance of the meme.




Patrick and Spongebob were at the bed then Spongebob jumped to catch the monster,Patrick also. They didn't catch the monster and because of that Spongebob calls Squidward for help,Squidward after that he had to go.

Squidward came then Spongebob showed the footage and the videos from the camera and suddenly it crashed and the video stopped then after the another footage Squidward saw tehe monster.

Next night:The monster appeared then dissapeared that's why Squidward the next day wanted to buy ouija-board.

Next night:Squidward had to go to the couch because of Spongebob and Patrick.

Squidward the next day showed the ouija board.

Next night or night 3:Squidward was asking the monster after many questions Squidward asked what he can do for the monster,suddenly the ouija board told him that he is in big trouble than the monster showed and raped Squidward while he was so loudly screaming,Spongebob then was getting a glass of milk.

The next day Squidward was at the same shape like Patrick with Spongebob lying to Squidward because not helping. Then they made a deal to kill the monster at midnight.

Midnight was at one minute,Squidward called Spongebob then Patrick joined,quickly Squidward found the monster with a radar then he opened the door.

Patrick and Spongebob were so much screaming then Squidward entered the WC then closed the door and killed the monster.Some second he showed the head of the monster and threw it on the floor. Patrick liked to show his appreciation,but Squidward wanted money after the night. THEN THEY ALL LEFT,BUT THE MONSTER SOMEHOW RETURNED HIS HEAD(REGENERATED)

And the video ends by the monster saying no more toilet paper then the words comment..

This videos has over 3 million views



AFTER PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2,the revenge videos were next.


Spongebob asked mr. krabs on telephone,mr. Krabs ended the conversation with telling Spongebob that he won't get it.Spongebob was so angry that he took gun and asked Patrick for assistance.

Some minutes they were at mr.Krabs house Spongebob entered and argued to mr. Krabs about the paycheck

then mr.Krabs pointed gun and showed his paycheck.They both fired with guns,ak-47,machine gun,sniper rifle,pistol suddenly mr. Krabs did to the paycheck,Spongebob was screaming,but Patrick quickly killed him so they buried him then Spongebob was peeing on mr.Krabs grave,but it end dramatic and horrible.


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