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Leanna, known on YouTube as PandaLeeGames, is a female gaming YouTuber who is in her early thirties, known for doing sporadic game play of specific games, usually new ones, as well as the occasional full game playthroughs. She was the girlfriend of well-known but controversial Let's Player DarksydePhil, and used to live with him in their home in Washington State, and did some game play with him occasionally over the years. Although it's been split down the middle whether someone would enjoy her commentary when she was co-oping with Phil, she's obtained very modest reception on her channel since its creation back in 2012. Leanna has a passion for soap making, and even ran a soap making buisness.

Good Friends on YouTube

Current Good Friends on YouTube

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Former Good Friends on YouTube

  1. John Harrington (OJ)
  2. John Rambo
  3. Howard
  4. DSPGaming (Phillip Burnell) (Ex-Boyfriend)


Leanna created her YouTube channel back on January 30, 2012, shortly after meeting Phil, and being inspired by his channel. However, in May 2017, Leanna and Phil broke-up.



Leanna, like many female gamers on YouTube, has been unfairly criticized over the years simply for being a female gamer, with comments that she is usually able to ignore. Leanna, however, gains even more critique for being the girlfriend of DarksydePhil, who a lot of people don't like, and isn't even liked among many of Phil's fans whenever she co-ops with him with game play. However, despite all of this criticism, Leanna has managed to make her channel grow since 2012, and has kept a mostly positive attitude over the years.