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Jake 'McCormick (born on April 4, 1995 (1995-04-04) [age 23]) known as Papa Jake , (Formerly) Team Epiphany Jake & Team0Epiphany is a Canadian YouTuber known mostly for comedic videos & gaming content.

Jake has over 3.9 Million subscribers and 800 million video views as of January 2018. Jake resides in Toronto, Ontario Canada


Jake joined YouTube in June 2010.

Jake Started Team Epiphany in 2010 as a competitive gaming team for Halo 3. The Team soon disbanded leaving Jake as the sole owner of Team Epiphany. leading into 2012 Jake rebranded the team as a comedy gaming YouTube channel. New members were added to the Team and the channel was a hit. The channels popularity was added with hit series such as "Epic Maps" which aimed at showcasing Halo Reach Custom Maps. Team Epiphany ranked on multiple occasions as the fasted growing Canadian channel for both views and subs.

On October 11, 2014, Papa Jake Jake uploaded his most viewed video with over 13.1 million views as of April 13, 2016 -


A hacker known as 'Lizard Squad' hacked YouTube on November 23, 2017, terminating Papa Jake for about 6 hours. People thought this would be the end of YouTube until it was found that a hacker (Lizard Squad) hacked YouTube terminated multiple big channels, such as, iDubbbzTV , DramaAlert ,  Styxhemenhammer666 , Team Coco / Conan O'Brien , MrRepzion , and including Papa Jake.