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PaperBatVG is a Canadian user who is relatively well known on YouTube, having made Minecraft, Terraria, Punumbra, Sonic Adventure 2, Mother 3, and many more Let's Plays. He's also known for making Minecraft the movie one through eleven. His catch phrases are "It's yo boy PBat", and "Like a bossaru". He often goes by the name "PBat," a shortened version of "PaperBatVG". His subscribers, or "The Champs and Champettes," are loyal to PBat as he is loyal to his champs. He currently has more than 400,000 subscribers and more than 100 million total upload views. PaperBatVG's channel.His real name is Dion Anderson.


Dion or "Pbat", Has an very distinct afro. He is not known for it but he has surprised his "Champs" and "Champettes" on his first appearance.

"PaperBatVG" is always discouraging his "Champs" and "Champettes" to smoke or do drugs and don't use guns! (Seriously it kills) and we at Wikitubia hope you follow his advice.

PaperBatVG is also the brother of Arion: