ParagonX9, born (April 30, 1986 (1986-04-30) [age 31]) and known as Jermaine Blume, is a popular music artist who makes music usually in an 8-Bit style. Most of her music is posted on Newgrounds . She currently has 62 songs on Newgrounds and 16 songs on YouTube. She currently has over 6000 subscribers and over 400,000 YouTube views. Her most viewed video is called "Chaoz Fantasy". She hasn't been very active in submitting new music and videos, especially since 2004.

Popular Tracks in Submissions

This is a list of the some of the most noteworthy music, used in a large number of submissions on Newgrounds:

Chaoz Fantasy: Used in the very popular iPhone game, The Impossible Game.

Chaoz Japan: Used in the award-winning game, Castle Crashers.

Blue Sky: Popular track used in mostly flash games as it is generally useful as generic videogame music.

Chaoz Airflow: Heard in frantic puzzle games, an important member of the Chaoz family of tracks.

Chaoz Devotion: A "Battle Style" Drums n' Bass track, used in over 100 entries

Danger Ahead (1-3): Fast paced drum and bass. Popular in fight games and video game parodies.

Defcon Zero: 16-Bit style Video Game Loop that is heard in over seventy submissions.

Final Fight: Battle music, according to ParagonX9.

The Matrix DNB: Used in 77 submissions, it is a remix of music from the Matrix soundtrack.

ParagonX9 Person

A picture of ParagonX9 in real life.

ParagonX9's Online Profiles

ParagonX9's Flash Animations

ParagonX9 has submitted three Flash animations and won four awards on Newgrounds with the highest being Weekly 4th. The three form a series of Sonic stories, which are Sprite movies, with mostly Paragon's music in them. [1]

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Recently in 2017, someone found out that her channel was hacked meaning this could've happened on her other social media accounts. She might still be on the internet with a different username but it is unknown. The person who found out about her channel being hacked had said "I have seen a lot of ParagonX9's friends saying her account was hacked". (1/16/2017)