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Parker Andrew Coppins, or,

ParkerGames, is a Minecraft gaming channel featuring mostly videos that are usually related to the Mineplex ( or server in some way. ParkerGames runs the channel and tries to make uploads daily, but takes bunches of breaks mostly related to the Mineplex server to the MineplexOffical channel. A notable series on the channel is a series called "Challenge Accepted", in which fans comment a challenge they would like him to attempt—either completely in-game, or outside the game while playing it. He plays on "The Cube", a Survival Multiplayer server with 18 other YouTubers, including HBomb94, HeyImBee and StrauberryJam, and etc. Parker has also participated in UHC seasons 6, 7, and 8, though he later stated that he will not continue with these as they do not fit his channel, nor does he enjoy them.

Parker is also an actor, he has starred in a few movies such as Born Bad (2011) and more. Parker has always been interested in acting, as you see above. Parker's love for acting followed him through middle and high school, as he said in his draw my life.

Parker finally brought himself back on his feet and moved to L.A. during March 2015.


  • Parker's subscribers are called "Jefferys".
  • Parker's sister's dog "Petal" appeared in some of Parker's videos while Parker was dog-sitting her.
  • On Parker's old channel "ParkersWorld", he called his subscribers "Doctors and Peppers". He chose this name because of his love for Dr. Pepper.
  • Parker nicknamed his mom "Mamma_Games"
  • Parker has been in 3 movies called "Born Bad", "Penny Arcade", and "The Black Tape".
  • Parkers old YouTube was called ''Parker_Games'', But when he renamed MineplexOfficial To ParkerGames He Chose To Rename Parker_Games To Parkers World.
  • Parker has a TV Show on Disney XD called "Parker Plays".

The Cube SMP

Parker is part of the Cube SMP although he doesn't upload Season 2 to YouTube. Instead he live streams it on Twitch:

For season 1 has ended he intends to make a series Called Parkers World to complete everything from Season 1 as mentioned from Cube SMP Episode 43.

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