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Patrick Thomas Tarmey, better known online as Patty Mayo, is an American entrepreneur and YouTube prankster-turned-vlogger best known for his bounty hunting series profession and stringing vlogs.

He is the former owner of Boston businesses Paramotor Tours, Abington Airsoft and Abington Zombie Apocolypse, under the name Patrick Tarmey. These were all sold when he moved to CA. 

Now living in Burbank, CA, he owns his own production company - which plays a large part in creating his videos.


Early days

Patrick Thomas joined YouTube on November 12, 2013[1] and spent the following two years producing roughly a dozen reasonably popular prank videos. Beginning to experience significant monetization issues affecting his earnings, Thomas elected to pursue work as a bail bondsman agent or "bounty hunter," a profession he describes as "one of the first jobs as an adult I ever had..."[1] Branding the initiative as the "Southland Bounty Hunters" in reference to the geographic locale of southern California in which he works, he began documenting his experiences as a bondsman.

Rise in viewership

Bringing along his longtime girlfriend Kayla as his initial bond agent partner and camerawoman, Thomas began producing 10-20 minute on-the-job vlogs, detailing the work involved in finding and apprehending wanted fugitives. Due in part to the exotic nature of his profession and the high level of filming and editing accompanying each video, his viewcount skyrocketed through the summer months of 2017.

In early June of 2017, Thomas acquired a new, genuie bounty hunting partner in the form of fellow YouTuber DeMar "Bounty Hunter D." Their cutting wit and chemistry, in addition to their decision to take on more potentially dangerous fugitives, led to an increase in viewership through the latter part of the summer, during which time Thomas hit one million subscribers. The duo briefly parted ways after an altercation in their personal lives but publicly reunited and buried the hatchet in November of 2017.[2]

Current events

Thomas' video release levels reduced significantly in the latter half of November for several reasons. Due to a reappearing illness related to a previously sustained head injury that nearly cost him his life, Thomas was placed on light duty by his bail company employer to provide him time to recover.[3] Secondly, he and Kayla had simultaneously begun production of a live show related to their part-time work as stringers, documenting their attempts to capture footage of dangerous events and natural disasters in California.[4]


As a legally-sanctioned bondsman, Thomas is licensed to carry firearms in the state of California. In addition to his 9mm handgun, he also carries a taser, tactical and chain handcuff variations, assorted flashlights and other such items. He generally appears in videos wearing Southland Bounty Hunters clothing merchandise, augmented through the inclusion of various levels of body armor sporting his badge and clearly notating his profession.

Vehicle-wise, Thomas has been known to drive both a blacked-out Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor equipped with strobe lights and a spotlight, as well as a black Dodge truck equipped with a video communications/surveillance suite in lieu of a flatbed.[5] Though initially he did not possess a license to run his CVPI's ELS lights, it is believed that he has since acquired this license, though as of December 2017, this remains speculation.


Since his early days, Thomas has been sponsored by, a company whose support Thomas credits as being invaluable for funding the switch from prank videos to more serious bounty hunting videos during the preceding YouTube monitization issues. He has also received smaller sponsorships from companies like EvoGimbals who occasionally supply him with gear.

Personal life

Thomas's longtime girlfriend Kayla plays a significant role in the channel's operation; in addition to being Patrick's first bounty hunting partner, she currently serves as the main camerawoman of the operation, and assists in major behind-the-scenes administrative work necessary to locate and apprehend fugitives.

Thomas also runs a second channel with more intimate content related to his personal life called "Extra Mayo".[6] Though much of the content is related to his life with his girlfriend Kayla, members of Thomas' family occasionally make cameo appearances.


Some interesting controversies relating to Mr. Tarmey which have come to light: