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PeakTimeRacing formerly know as HotWheelsWorld is a Youtuber who does reviews and drag races Hot Wheels.

Brief history

On November 7th 2011 HotWheelsWorld joined YouTube as his first video was a hot wheels McLaren F1 GTR. Most of his first videos had music playing the during the whole video. In late 2012 the channel was on hiatus and never uploaded a video until January 2nd 2014 when he started uploading videos again but went on hiatus again starting on February 3rd 2014. Since june 5th 2015 he has been active every week. On july 6th 2015 he revealed his face in a video tittled Unboxing Hot Wheels Super 6 Lane Raceay. Today he uploades at least 5 videos a week. On December 31st 2016 he announced that he renamed his channel Name to PeakTimeRacing.