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Peter Mann (born October 20, 1992 (1992-10-20) [age 25]), known on Youtube as Pedguin is a British gaming YouTuber currently living in the United Kingdom.

Although he does many different types of games, a large majority of Pedguin's games are Let's Play runs of the game Terraria. He will produce a series of videos, many often each day, following the progression of a class on Terraria that he wants to showcase. Often when he meets all the objectives, he will begin a new series featuring a run through with a different class.

All of Pedguin's videos feature a few consistent attributes. The videos begin with an animated short resembling an 8 bit video game graphic. These shorts will show a human boy in a penguin suit set against a variable background. The boy gets up, looks around, and runs off the screen as video game monsters chase after him. The name Pedguin then appears onscreen. Peter Mann himself then appears in a box at the bottom of the screen that he refers to as the "Ped Cam" during the entire run of the video.

Pedguin did a fundraiser stream in December 2015, that ultimately raised over 1000 British Pounds for "Child's Play," a charity that helps provide video games as entertainment for children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters.