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PenguinPandaZero is a half-Japanese YouTuber who lives in California, United States.

He does a large variety of gaming videos, most of which are highly cut and edited to show just the better bits. Despite his large video variety, most of his views come from Terraria music that he looped, sometimes better than the default loop. He uploads about once a week with some instances of uploading more or less depending on how much time he has, often collaborating with his friends who don't seem to have channels of their own, though he has collaborated with Rayatello and seems to be somewhat close to Denix67 - Games & ​Screwing Up. He also has a few running jokes, some noticable ones being him flashing a picture of an animal on-screen when someone makes a strange noise and saying Japanese words accompanied by Japanese text.

Outside of YouTube, he is also into anime and other things related to the otaku fandom which are evident in his videos.


  • He knows Japanese, but claims he is not fluent.
  • His first name is Barron/Baron.
  • He has mentioned streaming a few times, but has yet to.
  • His waifu is Chiaki Nanami.
  • He had a channel prior to this one with the same name, but he shut it down for unknown reasons.

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