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PeteZahHutt, or Brandon Clemets, is a minecraft YouTuber who lives in Southern California. His birthday is the 9th of March, 1997. He is currently 19. He commonly records with the pack, which includes MrWoofless (Rob), Vikkstar123 (Vikk), Lachlan, PrestonPlayz (Preston), JeromeASF (Jerome), and TheBajanCanadian (Mitch). Current series on his channel are: CrazierCraft, and other mini games, like UHC, and Money Wars. He has a girlfriend named Kara (pwincessly), who also makes minecraft videos. His second channel is called "Nodnarb" it's used for non-minecraft videos, like CoD. He owns a YouTube video randomizer called YouRandom.

He gained popularity with his How To Minecraft series with other YouTubers, Woofless, PrestonPlayz, TheBajanCanadian, and more, and continued to gain subs with the following 3 seasons.

Some of his most popular series include Crazy Craft, Crazier Craft, The Mad Pack, And his Money Wars series, which as of August 13, 2016 has had Forty-Three episodes.

He is currently playing on the ByD server, one of the first servers he has ever played on, with TheBajanCanadian. TheBajanCanadian and PeteZahHutt are enemies in this series using a Minecraft Plug-in called "Towny".

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