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Phill Vidler is a YouTube musician. He is 21 years old, and lives in South East England. He has two channels, his main channel which is PhilVidler666, his music channel, and WhatPhilSays, his vloging channel

Aim For Goodbye EP

He released his debut EP in April 2010, recorded at a private studio in Kent.

Track List

(All writing credits go to Phill Vidler.)

  • Better Off Together - 4:04
  • Leads Me To You - 6:28
  • Essence - 4:59
  • (I Lie) Next To You - 2:42
  • The Definition Of You - 3:44
  • You - 6:00

(Source: Aim For Goodbye EP | Phill Vidler)

The Ukeydoodle EP

A very short EP of 3 ukulele tracks, Phill released the Ukeydoodle EP in order to show that his music was not all the same. The EP features only voice and ukulele, recorded using his school's studio equipment, and has a humorous tone.

Track List

(All writing credits go to Phill Vidler.)

  • Oh, Gingerbread Man - 1:48
  • What A Mess! - 0:49
  • I Don't Quite Know... - 2:17

(Source: The Ukeydoodle EP | Phill Vidler)

Waste Not, Want Not EP

He released his second offical EP in June 2011, recorded using his school's studio equipment.

Track List

(All writing credits go to Phill Vidler.)

  • Not Much Later Left - 4:18
  • The Canopy (Part Two) - formerly "Guess What?" - 3:43
  • Catch 22 - 3:34
  • Sometimes - 2:56
  • One Way Mirror - 5:01

(Source: Waste Not, Want Not EP | Phill Vidler)

The World's Not Looking

Plans for his debut studio album began as early as January 2011. Track list changes and inability to secure dates for recording meant that the album, slated for release in August 2011, was put back. However, after a post in August 2012, it was confirmed that album plans had once again begun, now to be recorded at Greenacre School. The track list is subject to change.

Track List

(All writing credits go to Phill Vidler.)

  • That's What You Get
  • Look At Me
  • Summer Days
  • Sometimes
  • Jump
  • Five Minutes' Work
  • One Way Mirror
  • The Canopy (Part One)
  • The Canopy (Part Two)
  • Spare Room
  • Trees
  • Concept
  • Old Toys
  • Turn Blue

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