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Arsalan Qazi (born September 14, 1995 (1995-09-14) [age 22]) also known as Phostose is a Canadian YouTube personality.

Phostose has said that the reason he makes content on online platforms is because he would like to spread laughter through his comedy. He believes that laughter is a wonderful experience and he has a goal of bringing it to as many people as he can.

Main Channel

May 21, 2014 Phostose released his first video on YouTube title: "My First Video!" where he talked about the type of content that he planned to upload onto his channel at the time. The content at the beginning of his channel mainly consisted of comedy/satire vlogs about topics that he felt passionately about.


Create:Laughter is a running comedy/education series that he is the host of.

Every week Phostose takes a subject within science that he find interesting to talk about. In previous episodes, Phostose has talked about: "How Many Stars Are In The Universe?" , "What Is A Multiverse?"

He also talks about subjects within psychology. Phostose uses Create:Laughter to bring awareness to mental health issues and spread information to help individuals and their families.

Phostose created Create:Laughter because he is genuinely passionate about spreading information about science and get more people interested in learning more about the world.

Create:Laughter Playlist