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Kaitlin "Kate" Witcher (born October 22, 1992 (1992-10-22) [age 25]) is a YouTube vlogger and gaming commentator. She started her YouTube channel on June 12, 2010 and quickly became popular when she appeared in one of Tom Cassell's(TheSyndicateProject) YouTube vlog titled Syndicate & Kate Vlogging In Walmart! which has over 1.4 million views. Kate is known for her obsession with pandas and even labels her fans as "Panda Minions". She has over 570,000 subscribers and 63 million+ views.


Kate was born in Oklahoma, but moved around between Georgia and Texas before finally moving to Los Angeles, California with her roommates, Cyr and Edwin. However, after a while, Cyr and Edwin moved out and her friend Jewel moved in with her. After starting to date YouTuber Skyler Seymour , she moved into a house with him and some friends. Before YouTube, Kate suffered from severe depression caused by multiple factors. Even now she still suffers from depression and anxiety. Her YouTube career started after she had met Tom Cassell on Minecraft. He introduced her to YouTube and asked her to make videos for him showing him what her life in America was like. In August of 2013, Tom ended their relationship. Kate had largely ignored the topic, except for a few tweets and a video titled "Please just stop", all of which have been deleted. In her Reading Hate Comments video, towards the end she said that a lot of her haters still mention Tom, and says that there aren't any hard feelings between the two and that the relationship just didn't work out.


Kate's vlogs focus around her everyday life and events. She usually makes videos by herself but after moving to LA she now makes more videos with her friends. She has a YouNow account for vlog-like livestreams.


Kate plays many games, but mainly uploads Minecraft gameplay. She had a gaming channel, but as of January 2016, deleted it and has started uploading gaming videos to her main channel.