"He was just randomly talking to me, he said 'Hey, you interested in a rig?' and I said 'Yeah, I could use one but there's a lot of stuff I'd need.' and he said 'No problem.' and he's been working away on it for free, we're not even paying him or anything, he just did it to be nice." - Arbiter 617 about PixelFrosty's rig

PixelFrosty Productions, better known as just PixelFrosty, is a Minecraft animator and an exceptionally good rigger, creating rigs for things as vastly ranged as motorcycles and FNAF SL animatronics for Minecraft. He primarly uses Blender, but can also use Mine-imator. He has created rigs for popular animators such as Black Plasma Studios and ZAMination. He is a member of Team Animatrix. 

Animation teams

PixelFrosty is a member of Team Animatrix, and has helped in projects such as "Left Behind" and "Join us for a bite".

He attempted to join Black Plasma Studios but eventually decided not to. They put him in " Blocking Dead" as a thank-you for the rig.

He also hangs out with Boxscape Studios occasionally.


PixelFrosty's current rigs are: BlackPlasma rig, Motorcycle rig, Animatronic rig, Enderman rig, Skeleton rig, Polar Bear rig (all for Blender) and PixelPerfect (for Mine-imator). He also has a series where he rigs his favourite animators.