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Joe Murayama known as PixelStormFilms is a comedy YouTube channel. Joe has about 3 main people involved with the channel. They upload a new video at least every 2 weeks. They where featured on Rocket24, a famous Japanese blog, and also Yahoo News JP, and gained many views. It is also said that PixelStormFilms has close relations with HowToBasic, Corridor Digital, FreddieW (now RocketJump) and more.


Joe makes videos that are many video game influenced, or based on action and VFX. Joe mainly directs, scores, and edits videos, while Dennis Subachev helps with editing, Noah Dains does camera work and in many cases stars as an extra or a supporting role. Joe is also known to work with Tony Sarandos, son of Netflix CCO, Andrew Leigh (food truck, camera man, minor roles/extra) and Shota Ishizawa (shota007us) in some cases.