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Daniel James Johnson (born February 21, 1991 (1991-02-21) [age 27]), better known as his username Danger Dolan, otherwise known as DD, TheDDGuides or DDTop20, is an Australian YouTuber. As of March he has over 8.5 million subscribers and more than 1.9 billion views over three channels: Planet Dolan Super Planet Dolan and Planet Dolan Entertainment


In 2015, he founded a company named after his YouTube channel, Planet Dolan PTY LTD. and created two new sub-channels: Danger Dolan Games (focusing on game-related videos, including the popular countdown, which was a renaming of his first channel, "TheDDGuides"), and Danger Dolan Movies, focusing on movie-related stuff. In September 2015, Super Planet Dolan (an animated format) was launched.

Shortly after forming Danger Dolan Pty Ltd, the channel underwent some changes, most notably the addition of at least six additional voice actors/characters.

Members & Collaborators

A full list of the cast, animators, crew, and collaborators who work with Planet Dolan can be found here.

  • Danger Dolan, is the owner and head of Planet Dolan. His character is a white humanoid. His brand of "TRUTH!" is passionate. But his co hosts tend to disagree with the accuracy of his claims.
  • Danger Dolan's Mysterious Brother, Zaraganba, a simple humanoid similar to Dolan. He is a shade darker in skin tone and has a stubbly beard. He is shown as the more intelligent of the two brothers.
  • Hellbent, a demonic humanoid. His channel is composed primarily of streams and gameplay that he does with his friends. Has a rivalry with DoopieDoOver. 
  • Melissa, a purple, anthropomorphic bird who is the main narrator for Super Planet Dolan.
  • Nixxiom, an elf humanoid, specifically a night elf death knight (from the MMORPG World of Warcraft). He is shown as narcissistic and loves to tell lies about his own accomplishments. His own channel is comprised mostly of comedic World Of Warcraft Machinima and Top 10s.
  • Pringletheone, a yellow humanoid with floating fingers, a floating head, and a helicopter beanie.
  • Shima Luan, former member, she is a pink anthropomorphic cat. Planet Dolan has lost contact with her but they know she is fine. See the SPD episode "Do Penguins Have Knees?" for further explanation from Dolan himself.
  • DoopieDoOver, An animator and illustrator for PD. Her charcter features blonde hair and blue eyes. Occassionally appearing to counter Dolan's "truth". She also contributes as an illustrator for Planet Dolan True Stories.
  • GhostToast, a ghostly figure with a piece of toast over its head. GhostToast has been shown to fear ghosts, perhaps insinuating he isn't actually one himself. He is an animator for SPD. 
  • Slapped Ham, a pig that can walk on its hind legs and speak like a human. 
  • Grgak , a deformed Russian who recently joined the crew. He's usually shown as being messed up and having a sick sense of humour. On his own channel Grgak makes videos about gaming. He has dark navy blue hair.
  • CidiusV, an anthopomorphic fox who is the community manager, video editor, and a rarely appearing narrator. 
  • Emojie WorlD , a white humanoid similar in look to Dolan, but described as a marshmallow genie. Emojie, the character, is a usually a boy but the animator who created them is a girl. Their gender occasionally flipflops depending on the video in question and could be considered fluid. 
  • MKylem , a completely colorless human male with a moustache and cowboy hat.
  • Tolop , a skull-faced creature with a ginger mullet, he wears a black hoodie and has a bucktooth.
  • Spinalpalm, a blue humanoid with brown hair. His right eye is red and his right arm is robotic with a spiked bracelet on it. He is an animator for Planet Dolan and Super Planet Dolan, and is also a writer for the latter. 
  • SweetCommando, a yellow humanoid, similar to Dolan and his brother, who wears a military dress uniform. The main animator for Super Planet Dolan. 
  • Gooby, a mermaid who wears a Goofy hat and has Disney style dog ears. Gooby is Dolan's actual wife, they married in March of 2017.
  • Pandora, a demonic humanoid similar to Hellbent, but female. Pandora has purple skin with pale white hair and long ears similar to a rabbit. She has a British accent. Pandora and Hellbent were dating  and would frequently collaborate on his channel but have broken up this was confirmed by hellbent on a Podcast on july of 2017.
  • Snewpie, she is also a mermaid like Gooby and her younger sister. Her ears are shorter than Gooby's, based on Snoopy. She has a scar over her right eye and short brown hair.
  • Honeybits, a pink anthropomorphic rabbit who wears a tuxedo. Works as an animator on the show.
  • Andiemations , a human female with white hair and black streaks, occasionally blonde, and red eyes. She is an animator for Planet Dolan and Super Planet Dolan.
  • Ladybot , a humanoid robot with pink hair and red eyes. She wears a pink blouse with a white skirt.
  • ReturnoftheGoo, aka VimHomeless , is an animator for the channel who is represented by a pink, girly man named Mrs Mayhem.
  • ==Subscriber Milestones==
  • Planet Dolan reached 1 million subscribers on August 17, 2014.
  • Planet Dolan reached 2 million subscribers on January 2, 2015.
  • Planet Dolan reached 3 million subscribers on June 13, 2015.
  • Planet Dolan reached 4 million subscribers on November 10, 2015.
  • Planet Dolan reached 5 million subscribers on August 31, 2016.
  • As of March 2018, Planet Dolan has over 5.6 million subscribers.