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Daniel James Johnson (born March 20, 1986 (1986-03-20) [age 30]), better known as his username Planet Dolan, otherwise known as DD, TheDDGuides or DDTop20, is an Australian YouTuber.


In 2015, he founded a company named after his YouTube channel, Planet Dolan PTY LTD. and created two new sub-channels: Danger Dolan Games (focusing on game-related stuffs, including the popular countdown, which was a renaming of his first channel, "TheDDGuides"), and Danger Dolan Movies, focusing on movie-related stuffs. in September 2015, Super Planet Dolan was launched. This is an animated channel with the intention to target a younger demographic, where Dolan and Shima are animated characters.

Shortly after forming Danger Dolan Pty Ltd, the channel's undergoing some changes, most notably being that the narrator for the famous countdowns isn't just DD anymore, but there have been at least six additional people who have been known to narrate for him (most of which are currently still voicing), while he still narrates a good portion himself.


  • Danger Dolan, a plain white guy who has a blue Donald Duck hat. He is designed after the Dolan Duck meme which is a parody of Donald Duck. (owner)
  • Danger Dolan's mysterious brother, a grey-ish character with a stubbly beard that claims to be Danger Dolan's brother.
  • Hellbent, a demonic humanoid. His channel is composed primarily of streams and gameplay that he does with his friends. (He has a channel.)
  • Melissa, a purple, anthropomorphic bird.
  • Nixxiom, an elf-like humanoid, generally portrayed as clueless towards the nuances of social interaction. (He has a channel.)
  • Pringletheone, a yellow humanoid creature with floating fingers, a floating head and a helicopter beanie. (He has a channel.)
  • Shima Luan, a pink anthropomorphic cat planet dolan has lost contact with her but they know she is fine. (She has a channel.)
  • DoopieDoOver , just a regular girl with blondish hair and a white bowtie. (She has a channel.)
  • GhostToast, a ghostly figure with a piece of toast over its head. He's an animator for SPD. (He has a channel.)
  • Slapped Ham, A pig that can walk on its hind legs and speak like a human. (He has a channel.)

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