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Plexiate is a Youtuber that mostly posts Garry's Mod videos. Originally starting on Minecraft and later finding his way to the game everyone knows him from.

TCAH (to catch a hacker)

A popular series started by Plexiate is his TCAH (To Catch a Hacker) series for Minecraft in which he goes around as an admin and finds people cheating and bans them on the spot. He is one of the first people to ever do this. The first episode was recorded On Ali-A Craft, he was the Network Manager after being promoted from Head-Admin.

Garry's Mod.

No secret that Plexiate records gmod. When in game he will go around and record interesting and entertaining things as he plays. Eventually making it to your subscription inbox.


The question is asked a lot. Plexiate chose his name through a random name generator (same one as vsauce) and it popped out Plexiate on the first try.

He was changing his name because he originally went by the name "Dan From Target" on Xbox live. Though after choosing the name he was fired from target. (missed too many days..) he then changed his name.

BrianGamesLOL > Revisitation > v91 > Plexiate (Final)

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