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Podtaku is a podcast-based YouTube channel, which features two anime-related podcasts, where they talk about random anime topics.  The first one is Podtaku, and the second one is J-Taku.  Podtaku is about unfocused freeform discussions about anything and everything anime and manga related; they never plan out what they're talkin gabout, and it just happens.  It comprises of the A-Team, unless for any reason one of them is on Hiatus, then a member of B-Team can be chosen.  J-Taku is a semi-focused discussion about a specific topic related to anime or manga; they may get a bit off topic here, but they always try to stay on track until the end to the best of their ability.  This comprises of AT LEAST one, (but possibly more), member of the A-Team, as several members of the B-Team.  

As of Podtaku Episode 37:  The Time Skip Episode a few things were announced.  First, J-Taku is dead for the forseeable future, and Podtaku will become a "community podcast" where members from the previously known "B-Team" will be allowed to join, as well as other members of the anime community that agree to come on.  In addition Jean from the A-Team and Sooin from the B-Team have left the podcast, and will be away from the podcast for the forseeable future.  


  1. The Anime Zone (Garnt or Gigguk
  2. HoldenReviews (Holden)
  3. Glass Reflection (Tristan Gallant or Arkada)
  4. Anime Appraisal (Jean)


  1. Podtaku Episode 00:  The Holden Encyclopedia
  2. Podtaku Episode 01:  Brain Food for the Average Otaku
  3. Podtaku Episode 02:  Subs, Dubs, and Homosexual Inclines
  4. Podtaku Episode 03:  This is (Not) A Podcast
  5. Podtaku Episode 03.33:  Super Spontaneous Spoilerific EVA Discussion
  6. Podtaku Episode 04:  IT'S SHIT
  7. Podtaku Episode 05:  The Christmas Special With Gigguk, Arkada, Jeanne, and Ho-Ho-Holden
  8. Podtaku Episode 06:  The Winter Anime Chart, Sans Gigguk
  9. Podtaku Episode 07:  The Podcast that Leapt Through Time
  10. Podtaku Episode 08:  The Disappearance of Arkada Suzumiya
  11. Podtaku Episode 09:  Fate/Taku the Holy Dub War
  12. Podtaku Episode 10:  OBJECTION!  Jeanne Fights All
  13. Podtaku Episode 11:  Holden and Gigguk's Bizzare Adventure
  14. Podtaku Episode 12:  The Mathematics of Moe
  15. Podtaku Episode 13:  Purgatory, Conventions, and The West
  16. Podtaku Episode 14:  The Drunk Cast
  17. Podtaku Episode 15:  The Void
  18. Podtaku Episode 16:  ROW ROW Fight the Spoilahs!
  19. Podtaku Episode 17:  Attack on Shit
  20. Podtaku Episode 18:  Kill Witches, Get Bitches
  21. Podtaku Episode 19:  Holden's Gonna Do Some Holding
  22. Podtaku Episode 20:  IT'S A GUNDAM
  23. Podtaku Episode 21:  Live Free, and Mind the Gap
  24. Podtaku Episode 22:  Family Friendly Beastiality
  25. Podtaku Episode 23:  I am Jack's Heavenly Feel
  26. Podtaku Episode 24:  Samurai Shampoo(Feat. Ninnouh)
  27. Podtaku Episode 25:  AtTaku on Hypu
  28. Podtaku Episode 26:  It's Dandy Time
  29. Podtaku Episode 27:  Combustion of the Jean Encyclopedia
  30. Podtaku Episode 28:  Christmas Special 2013
  31. Podtaku Episode 29:  We've Found You Waiting in the Summer
  32. Podtaku Episdoe 30:  DO YOU EVEN CIRCLE!?
  33. Podtaku Episode 31:  The Garden of Akiyuki Shinbo
  34. Podtaku Episode 32:  Low Quality Bait
  35. Podtaku Episode 33:  ACEN - The Final Countdown
  36. Podtaku Episode 34:  The Real Con Blues
  37. Podtaku Episode 35:  Sequels - The (not so) Final Frontier
  38. Podtaku Episode 36:  The Evolution of Dubbing
  39. Podtaku Episode 37:  The Time Skip Episode
  40. Podtaku Episode 38:  Animation Studio Hierarchy
  41. Podtaku Episode 39:  The Era of Manservice w/BaronJ
  42. Podtaku Episode 40:  Romance Anime Discussion[Archive]
  43. Podtaku Episode 41:  Limited Budget Works
  44. Podtaku Episode 42: Tiger and Money w/Mike Oliveras
  45. Podtaku Episode 43:  Anime & Yaoi w/Thalializette
  46. Podtaku Episode 44:  Be Kind Rewind[Archive]



  1. SICnanigans (Sooin)
  2. Full Circle Reviews (Kenneth
  3. BakaShift (Alain)
  4. Fiction Reviews (Connor)
  5. 42Believer (Sarah)
  6. Ninouh (Jimi or JimiJJ)
  7. Historymanzp (short lived)
  8. CinWicked (Ciaran) (short lived)


  1. J-Taku Episode 00:  The Fall 2013 Season Chart
  2. J-Taku Episode 01:  Kill la Kill Episode 1 Discussion
  3. J-Taku Episode 02:  Evangelion 3.33 Discussion
  4. J-Taku Episode 03:  Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) Discussion
  5. J-Taku Episode 04:  RWBY Discussion
  6. J-Taku Episode 05:  The Winter 2013/2014 Season Chart
  7. J-Taku Episode 06:  FemTaku
  8. J-Taku Episode 07:  Soundtracks, Cowboy Bebop, and Samurai Champloo
  9. J-Taku Episode 08:  Hentai, Sex, and Women
  10. J-Taku Episode 09:  Long Anime - Are They Necessary?
  11. J-Taku Episode 10:  School Days Argeument - The Rock's vs. The J's
  12. J-Taku Episode 11:  Character Archetypes - Tsunderes, Yanderes, all the Deres
  13. J-Taku Episode 12:  The Spring 2014 Chart
  14. J-Taku Episode 13:  Kill la Kill Series Discussion
  15. J-Taku Episode 14:  Summer 2014 Discussion Part 1
  16. J-Taku Episode 15:  Summer 2014 Discussion Part 2
  17. J-Taku Episode 16:  The Convention Survival Guide
  18. J-Taku Episode 17:  Madoka Magica Rebellion Discussion
  19. J-Taku Episode 18:  Fall 2014 Season Chart Discussion Part 1
  20. J-Taku Episode 19:  Fall 2014 Season Chart Discussion Part 2
  21. J-Taku Episode 20:  Aldnoah.Zero Discussion
  22. J-Taku Episode 21:  The Naruto Discussion

Convention Stuff

Whenever the members of Podtaku go to a convention together, they'll post videos about it on this channel.  

  1. Podtaku Vlog 1-Anime Central 2014
  2. Podtaku Vlog 2-Anime Central 2014 Panel(Second Coming)

Other Podtaku and J-Taku Videos

  1. Top 10 J-Taku Moments
  2. J-Taku Extra:  Google+ Ruins YouTube Comments
  3. A Goodbye to Podtaku