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Zack or known by his YouTube name Poke is a gaming YouTuber who primarily makes Minecraft videos.


Poke started his YouTube channel back in 2007, But he started uploading gaming videos in 2011. He didn't had so much views, But other gaming YouTubers found about him, And helped hem to grow up his views and subscribers. He started making videos when he was a lot younger, And his videos werent edited so much. But when he grew up, e started editing a lot of his videos, and he founded a lot of partners, such as Tofuugaming, Talekio, TheChongler and many more. In April 2014, He finally face revealed his self, though he made a face reveal when he was younger but the video is since deleted. His most viewed video on YouTube for now is a Minecraft Survival Horror map (With BigDMMA16)


Although he does play Minecraft occasionally,it has stopped and now plays Roblox with Tofuugaming AKA Tofuu,Seedeng AKA Seedank and TwistedPandora.He mostly does random roblox videos and might do vlogs or challenges sometimes.

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