PokemonRangerBoy12 is a German Pokemon YouTuber who has currently not revealed his full name nor birth year. It is clear that his birthday is on May 20.


PokemonRangerBoy12 is a YouTuber with approximately 125K subscribers. His channel mainly revolves around Pokemon, with the exception of other anime videos. His fame was brought fourth when he started to make Amourshipping AMV's, which have recieved some dislikes. He also does Pokemon Anime reviews and Pokemon Anime cracks, also bringing him more subscribers. His first video was made 8 years ago, he then took a three year hiatus. After the hiatus, he started to make Pokemon AMV's (mainly Amourshipping) which was what got him so famous. PokemonRangerBoy12 mainly sticks to Amourshipping and other Pokemon Related ships, but also does the ocasional Crack and Review.


PokemonRangerBoy12 has not recieved lots of controversy, the only controversy is when small YouTubers such as CrossFIRE121 and Legit Lenny made hate videos against him and his AMV's, it is also apparent that CrossFIRE121 has made an 'Exposed' video on PokemonRangerBoy12, showcasing that PokemonRangerBoy12 uses his alternative account to like his main accounts videos. Legit Lenny has made several videos on PokemonRangerBoy12, mainly calling him a man child and reacting to his Amourshipping AMV's.
PokemonRangerBoy12 EXPOSED03:05

PokemonRangerBoy12 EXPOSED

The video CrossFIRE121 made which 'exposes' PokemonRangerBoy12

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