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Austen (Born November 6, 2001) also known as PoweredByPowerYT or PBP, is a family friendly Minecraft YouTuber that does Minecraft Redstone, Minigames, Tutorials and other minecraft gaming series.


Austen is very known for his minigames/creations he has made for the Minecraft Community some like Crossy Road Minecraft Edition, The Escapists Minecraft Edition, Order up Minecraft Edition and the Minecrosoft Hololens. He also makes redstone videos on awesome new stuff you can do with command blocks and 1.8. Austen's first map was Bridges a PVP minecraft game created back in 2013 along with his friend Euan. The game was a giant success after being played by YouTubers like SkyDoesMinecraft and CaptainSparklez.

Austen has made lots of minigames which have all been a great success like Crossy Road being played by TheDiamondMinecart, CaptainSparklez,BajainCandian and other awesome YouTubers. In total of all Austen's minigames he has made he has had 278,335 Downloads of his minigames.

On the 13 of September 2015, Austen recorded a video with MinecraftUnivserse. Austen built a minecraft mini game called Spy Party, which the two played and was uploaded to both of their channels. This is where Austen had also hit is 2000 subscriber mark! A couple months later Austen released The Escapists 2! A second version of the original minecraft map. The map reached around 60,000 Downloads.


  • "HELLO GUYS! Austen here from the PoweredByPower Team"
  • "Anyway guys, I've been Austen from the PoweredByPower Team and I'll see you guys next time! GOODBYE!!!!"
  • "So today guys..."


  • Bridges V1, V2, V3- 2013 - 100,000 Downloads
  • Crossy Road Minecraft Edition - 2014 - 90,000 Downloads
  • The Escapists - 2015 - 256,000 Downloads
  • Order Up - 2015 - 115,000 Downloads
  • Akinator - Minecraft Edition Minigame -2015 - 10,000 Downloads
  • The Escapists 2 - 2015 - 90,000 Downloads