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MaleIcon YouTuber

Mario Aristir Ngjeliu (born December 15, 2000 (2000-12-15) [age 15]), also known as ProArtz, is the first ever Albanian Motion Designer on YouTube. ProArtz made his channel on Nov 12, 2014, but he had another channel back in 2012 which was a gaming channel all about Minecraft and GTA 4.

Personal Life

Mario is from Albania, Durres. ProArtz never saw his dad since 2006 because his dad moved in another country (Greece). As the first ever Albanian Motion Designer, he is so proud of his channel and he says he will never quit.


On Nov 12, 2014, ProArtz uploaded his first video on his new channel playing Minecraft. At the start, ProArtz didn't get any views on his videos, . After 80 videos, ProArtz got 1K+ Subscribers.


  • He is the first Motion Designer from Albania.
  • He is always thankful for getting huge support.
  • He revealed his face in his 1.4k subscribers.
  • He is never going to make an RC clan.
  • He was hacked on 7 July 2016 by Omar C. but managed to get his channel back.

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